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Jew Venom

The poison of jews in Connecticut Family Court has permanent harmful effects on children. Jew Judge Gerard Adelman, working with jews Stephen Dembo and Rhonda Morra destroyed mother-child bonds of three Thaner kids to the benefit of pedo blog star Robert Thaner. The oldest saved himself by running away, to the delight of Robert who hated this son. The case summary is fourteen years of pointless litigation in Connecticut for a couple divorced in New Jersey with joint custody of four kids and residence with mother. Connecticut post judgment litigation started in November 2007, where predatory jew vultures salivated over the large family bank of the parents. Court filings and appearances occurred every year except for 2018 and 2019, resumed in 2020, where litigation continued until Robert failed to show up at a hearing before Judge Klau this past October, because he had died in the middle of August. Now the remaining minor child, Royce (16), lives with deceased daddy’s girlfriend Amy Hite (57), who is so emotionally and psychologically damaged by acts of Judge Adelman that he disowns his own mother. Another prime public example of how jewdicial venom destroys life for unsuspecting child victims; the poison of the jew.

Twenty pathetic judges abused this family over fourteen years: Simon, Epstein, Dyer, Frazzini, Caruso, Taylor, Dolan, Barall, Adelman, Olear, Wetstone, Prestley, Westbrook, Bozzuto, Albis, Ficeto, Suarez, Connors, Nguyen, and Klau. A venomous pack of thieves in black robes who prey on children for sport and legal fees. Attorneys Stephen Dembo, Rhonda Morra, Stacey Nobles, Kim Duell, all took loads of cash out of the family bank while fueling the litigation fire, courtesy of doting jewdicial appointments to promote pointless conflict. Jew psychobabblist Sidney Horowitz did his voo doo for cash, praising pedo papa over a caring mom. Adelman did the most damage, by restricting visitation with mom, impressing on child minds that mom is bad, which is his passion. Only jews and pedophiles have cause for children to hate their mothers, a talmudic delicacy.

The damage is permanent. Oldest son escaped from his father, lived with mom, enjoyed high school, turned out normal, to the dismay of Judge Bozzuto who fumed at the child’s insolent and contemptuous behaviour. Two girls Lara & Lyla, now 18, at college, brainwashed to hating mom, permanent psychological damage. Royce 16, damaged goods, did not even call mom when dad died in August, recently announced he disowns mom and will live with deceased dad’s hosebag, Amy Hite, in Trumbull. If not for the monster jews of family court, the kids would have been normal, now three of them are monsters in their own right, courtesy of Connecticut Family Court predators. Just what jews want for an enlightened society, children hating a mother by court order.

What is the sinister game that allows a sovereign people to fund jews in black robes to destroy childhoods? Time to purge the bench of jews and their predatory culture? Lynch child predators? Standby and do nothing? Who are the next child victims entering family court? Who can save them from the venom of the jews? Obviously not the sovereign people of Connecticut who adore their jewdicial mafia. Cowards all, a jew’s venomous interest.

Lara & Lyla Thaner, eleven years ago, first communion, might have had a chance at a normal life with their mother, without the jewish venom of family court. Now mother hating monsters conditioned by best interests of jew vultures. Adelman is proud!
Dead and cremated pedo Robert Thaner, the world is a better place without him.

How about a 50 cal to the head?