Please can we have a drama break? Please?  Stop the drama?  It is not even good drama.  High School had better drama.  Oscar goes to Attorney Michael Fasano for best whining lawyer in a fabricated post judgment custody dispute.  Oscar for best drama queen in a supporting role goes to Attorney Julie R. Fasano.  The inbred law firm of Duffy&Fasano gets the lifetime frivolity award for filing frivolous emergency motion based on the existence of the internet.

Mikey the elder wants the court to believe there is an EMERGENCY as he has filed MOTION FOR EMERGENCY HEARING POST JUDGMENT AND FOR FURTHER RELIEF .  Let’s just call it a panic motion; five pages of pure bullshit, charging dad at $300/hr to harass and intimidate mom; absent any purpose in law.  Mikey is forcing himself to read a blog, this blog actually, he quotes the URL twice.  Congrats dick brain, you have access to the internet.

Mikey does not quote any statute, court order, case law or other tangible element of the practice of law in his complaint to the court that the internet exists.  He claims that the public is somehow causing harm to two little kids for writing about the insane six year old second round custody battle that his client is funding and from which he and Julie are profiting.  Poor boy is just stupid, but his client, the girls’ father is getting scammed for over a hunderd thousand dollars which could go to their college fund or pony collection.

Mikey knows that there is no secrecy in family court.  Everyone knows the Chief Family Judge is a dyke and has orgies with the nanny and others.  Sexual deviancy is rampant in Nutmeg Courts.  A subpoena is not a secret.  Service by a marshal is not a secret.  Acts by incompetent lawyers are not secrets.  GAL files are discoverable and are records of the court by law.  Senator Len Fasano is going to distance himself from this demented branch of the family tree, lest he has to report them to disciplinary counsel for misconduct.

The nub of the emergency is that the kids “emotional and physical well being and SAFETY are in jeopardy” because of the internet; the children will be exposed to further substantial HARM unless custody is immediately transferred to money bags client dad.  Newsflash moron, if the kids are in danger of abuse, call DCF Hotline and report it.  Otherwise shut your mouth.  Maligning a mother for the existence of the internet and the First Amendment is what pedo child traffickers do routinely; just another page out of the pedo lawyer playbook.  No, we have never seen this before; we were all born last night.

Now Mikey Esquire did bring up a good point, the kids are being emotionally traumatized by the Cancer Cunt GAL Mary Brigham, that is obvious.  Having thunder butt come to your house to see how you live with mom, interrogations for no purpose, disrupting their lives; yep, that is some trauma.  Kids would be happier to see the dentist.  Knowing that money is coming out of the food budget to pay the Cancer Cunt is also unsettling to young and old alike.  Just look at GAL Brigham’s last bill , the cunt charged $630 to traumatize the two girls in their own home.  Bet the girls would rather go on a mall crawl and blow half that amount rather than pay the Connecticut GAL scam game.  Wonder if the girls know daddy owes Mikey Esquire over $15,000?  Another $10,000 to Brigham?  Kids aren’t stupid.  Daddy, Mikey, Julie and GAL Mary don’t want the kids to know how much money is being drained from their future; might cause them substantial harm.

Dad makes an agreement to end his marriage, GAL Brigham says it is good, she even signs it, along with Judge Bozzuto.  But less than three months later he is back in court, begging Judge Cutsumpas to change it; now six years later his lawyer discovered there is an internet.  Insanity folks, just insanity.  Nothing has changed to give cause for the court to even entertain a custody mod.  Dad has been filing those for years and the same old custody agreement from 2011 is still in place.  Can we stop the drama?  Please?  Other than the stupidity of the lawyers, this case is rather dull.  The only possible thrill is forcing the financial discovery on dad and his business, which will likely put him and his accountant in jail; but that is not a best interest.

So have another laugh, lawyers running to court with a frivoulous motion because the internet exists is just drama practice and bad drama at that.  Suggestion to dad…..fire your lawyer….you are the mark.

Cunts of the court

Cancer Cunt Mary Brigham

Fasano Family of Racketeers


Dickhead Michael Fasano