Annie is at it again!!

The queen jew of Connecticut Family Court, the pedo protecting, child trafficking, money grubbing Annie Dranginis is at it again….perverting the law and undermining the Constitution to traffic children.  The jew bitch on wheels has no limits when it comes to defeating the elements of a Christian society for her zionistic gains.  Remember, Annie is a retired judge, once head of the evil family court system, now in private practice at Pullman&Comley, the nastiest, corrupt, jewish law firm in Corrupticut.

Annie’s game now is to defeat the First Amendment and the public’s right to scrutiny of what goes on in a public forum.  The jewdicial miscreants of family court prefer to rape children and pillage family savings in the privacy of a sealed Star Chamber, hidden from public view.  Unfortunately for these deviants, the courtroom is a public forum.  The people have cause to know what pedophile judges and lawyers are doing to the children of the state.  Not all elements of society are into raping children and destroying christian families, like Annie and her zionist pals.

Annie recently filed papers with Judge Michael Albis in Taupier v Taupier to seal a psychological evaluation done by fellow child trafficking jew, Dr. Bruce Freedman of Bloomfield.  Why should the public be able to see how the game is played?  Why should the public be aware of the con-artist tricks of the jewish psycho babble game?  Why should the public be able to scrutinize the games played by judges, lawyers, psychologists on citizens?  Why should the work product of professional court whores be hidden from the public?  Secrecy is such a wonderful shield to hide the jewish games of deviancy.  After all, why hide things from the American people other than to promote a jewish agenda?  If there is ‘evidence’ in a trial then it has to be filed with the court for all to see, right?  Otherwise it is not evidence.

Let’s first examine the American opinion on secretive games in a courtroom.  SCOTUS wrote:  The principle that justice cannot survive behind walls of silence has long been reflected in the “Anglo-American distrust for secret trials.”  A responsible press has always been regarded as the handmaiden of effective judicial administration, especially in the criminal field. Its function in this regard is documented by an impressive record of service over several centuries. The press does not simply publish information about trials but guards against the miscarriage of justice by subjecting the police, prosecutors, and judicial processes to extensive public scrutiny and criticism. This Court has, therefore, been unwilling to place any direct limitations on the freedom traditionally exercised by the news media for “what transpires in the courtroom is public property.”  The “unqualified prohibitions laid down by the framers were intended to give to liberty of the press . . . the broadest scope that could be countenanced in an orderly society.”  …we have consistently required that the press have a free hand, even though we sometimes deplored its sensationalism.  Sheppard v. Maxwell, 384 US 333; 350  (1966)

The media/press/public/blogs/gossipers/legislature all have cause to write about the evil practices and outright tyranny of the Connecticut Family Court, expose the zionistic underpinnings, identify the sexually deviant players, detail the rape of children, account for the plundering of family savings, reveal payoffs and kickbacks to judges and the like.  Annie wants to hide something from the public for no purpose at law.  Sound jewish?  Of course it is jewish, it is not American!!!

Annie claims that her client, the sport fucking, Aetna executive Tanya Taupier, wants Dr. Freedman’s psychological evaluation sealed from public view.  Family court judges have a long history of publishing such evaluations in their decisions, relying on junk science opinions to support their draconian rulings and enable protection to the pedophiles.  But Annie claims the work of Dr. Freedman must be hidden from public scrutiny.  Annie cites no case law, no constitutional protection, no legal foundation to hide court proceedings from the public.  She can only cite pedophile practice book rule 25-59A, a rule put in place by the pedophile judges to justify secrecy in child trafficking cases.  Needless to say, the rule has never been successfully applied as it is the jewdicial effort to circumvent the First Amendment.  There is no case law validating the rouse.  Rabbinical courts do not lend themselves to observation by the gentile, it is a rule of the Talmud and has been inserted into the practice book by the jewery of the Connecticut court….Judge Elliot Solomon, King Jew and Talmud master of family court.

Annie ignores past public statements by her sister in crime, Judge Lynda Munro, who proclaimed that ‘publicity is the price paid for litigation’.  

Annie makes no legal argument in her pleading to seal.  The best she can come up with is that Tanya doesn’t want the public to know what quackery was performed by Dr. Freedman.  The twisted shrink performed ‘testing’ on Tanya and made a ‘psychological evaluation’ of her, as ordered by the court.  Privacy and confidentiality are not present in the family court; it is a circus and the bleachers are packed with interested citizens eager to kick another judge off the bench for being a jewish asshole; it is public money paying for a freak show.  Annie further claims that the internet exists and that members of the public, holding First Amendment protections, should not be allowed to know how Dr. Freedman’s junk science will be manipulated by the jewish court to bring harm to children.  Annie sums up the jewish argument as follows:  “The plaintiff’s right to privacy and confidentiality as to the matters contained in Dr. Freedman’s report and their right to be free from annoyance, harassment and/or embarrassment as to the same, overrides the limited public interest in viewing the report if the same is entered into evidence during a hearing or trial in this matter.”

Time to call a whambulance!!  There is no limit to the public interest when jew lawyers like Annie and her deceased predecessor Geraldine Ficarra subvert the law to isolate children from a father.  Tanya Taupier and her lawyer are in the center ring of the Family Court Circus.  Judge Michael Albis is the ring master.  The public peasantry is packing the bleachers and the First Amendment flag flies high over the big top!  Don’t like the heat, stay out of the kitchen.  Try to hide child trafficking behind a sealing order, the public interest is aroused.  What is so special for Tanya that her evaluation must be sealed?  Borderline personality disorder?  Nymphomania? Drug use?  Long history of abortions?  Child abuse?  The plot thickens!  Stay tuned for more legal argle bargle in the courtroom battle between the queen jew and the Great Grey Ponytail on 4 December in Middletown.

In reality, Annie Dranginis is wasting the court’s time asking for something that cannot be granted.  The public has a great interest in the proceedings of court cases where a jew lawyer seeks to undermine elements of a free society.  The mission of the Connecticut Judiciary trumps Annie’s silly pleading as the mission of the Connecticut Judicial Branch is to serve the interests of justice and the public by resolving matters brought before it in a fair, timely, efficient and open manner.

So open up!  Let’s see the psychobabble handiwork of the jewish Dr. Bruce Freedman, his testing protocols, his lack of reference citations, his personal jewish opinions, his expertise of junk science, his abuse of Sara and Gabriel, not to mention what he says about the sick and twisted father-hating Tanya Taupier who does not even allow the kids to talk to dad on the phone.

Annie’s silly pleading can be read here.

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