Public Forum

Someone needs to educate Mr. Couloute, Mr. Matthew Condel Couloute, Jr., Esq. that courts are public forums subject to public scrutiny protected under the First Amendment of that dirty old rag called the Constitution.

Trying to hide a court proceeding is a throwback to the King and secret tribunals, lack of transparency and failure of the rule of law.  There is a reason we don’t have a King anymore.  Someone should tell Couloute, after all he is a lawyer, who took an oath.

Filing trivial bullshit frivolous requests whining about public commentary of a public matter is classic Couloute.  Brainless and without legal foundation, his handiwork is here:  Order to Show Cause Haidon

As bonehead Couloute is a licensed attorney in New York, he has some explaining to do why he fails to disclose he moved to Georgia, maintained an abode, obtained employment, wages taxed to GA, obtained a GA driver’s license, enrolled his other child in school there, yet SWEARS to the NY court that he ‘resides’ in Connecticut.  Boy is gonna learn the definition of PERJURY real soon, a felony in NY.  See NY Penal Code Article 210.15.

Wake up people, our society does not entertain secretive tribunals, gestapo police action, perjury or child abuse.