Emergency GAL Fees

Judge Anna M. Ficeto of Connecticut Superior Court demonstrates the true purpose of Family Court today in her hearing on the outstanding fees for the evil Attorney Mary Brigham.  A mother with no money is dragged before the miscreant Judge Ficeto for an EMERGENCY hearing on paying the GAL over five thousand dollars for her role in vexatious litigation to strip the mother of her children.  Trading in child flesh is the core money making operation of the Family Court.  Judge Ficeto threatens a mother with jail for not paying the insane fees of the legal parasite who is nothing but a low life child trafficker of the court.  Judge Ficeto does not appoint counsel as required by law, just threatens the shaking mother with jail.  The court is so good at threats and intimidation that the money is squeezed out of the kids grandparents who think there is legitimacy to the GAL fee scam.

Here in America the judges have one purpose, collect fees for lawyers and pocket their kickbacks.  A criminal racketeering operation unknowingly funded by We the people.  The élite rulers of society have rigged the courts to be revenue generators for the Bar.  Pathetic low lifes with licenses to steal.  An embarrassment to any civilized society, the people are powerless to reign in the terror of the monsters in black and their pathetic little cash hungry foot soldiers.  Marshalls and sheriffs play in the game of threat and intimidation, all pocketing a fee for the terrorism inflicted on free citizens.

Connecticut’s game is to fleece the people through the courts.  The state next door, NY, has a family court; there are no court ordered fees.  All NY children are appointed a lawyer funded by the state….not in Corrupticut.  The Bar thieves are so desperate they raid college savings accounts, retirement accounts, force the sale of houses, stripping litigants of cash to fund the child trafficking game.  In NY the state provides attorneys for the litigants, not in Connecticut.  The lawyers have the place so wired that it is a judicially protected industry ruled with the iron fist of corrupt judges pocketing kickbacks.  No due process, no equal protection, just cash for lawyers.  See Grohs v Grohs, a six-year long divorce drama fueled by madman William Grohs and his Dickhead Attorney Michael Fasano.

Attorney Mary Brigham has been milking this case for over six years in the best interest of the children.  She works for Bill Grohs as he has lots of money and a mental defect which drives him to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to undo the agreement he made in his second divorce, which Attorney Brigham approved.  Post judgment litigation promoted by crooked judges and slimy lawyers is the money maker for the Bar and kickback generator for the judges.  Attorney Michael Fasano of Duffy&Fasano took over the scam from the notorious insider Attorney Rosemarie Giuliano who had to fire William as a client for lying.

The cold heartless child trafficking judge has ensured that two gifts from God, Evie and Sofi have not hugged their mother since 31 August.  Ficeto order that no motions could be filed except in an EMERGENCY, being a denial of access to the courts while using federal money.  But Judge Ficeto claims it is an EMERGENCY that the GAL has not been paid by a litigant with not money.  Sounds pretty jewish, certainly not Christian and not based on American rule of law.

Be scared people, be very scared.  The jewdicial élite are plundering family savings by trafficking children…..a national crisis.


Judge Ficeto Child Trafficker

William Grohs the madman

Dickhead Attorney Michael Fasano

Wiiliam Grohs Aviation.  Funding source for the madman’s vexatious litigation.

Lost Kids. Evie and Sofi Grohs. Isolated from mother by jewish authority.