Watertown Stalker Warning

Beware the citizens of Watertown!  There is a stalker on the loose!  But only Vickie Frenzel of 227 Waterbury Road can see the stalker.  Vickie sees the stalker everywhere.  Vickie sees the stalker stalking her son, Marc Frenzel, sophomore at Watertown High.

This is a mysterious and elusive stalker, only Vickie gets a glimpse.  No photos, no videos, but Vickie knows this stalker is stalking Marc everywhere he goes….even school, staring at him.  But alas, no video no pic.  Marc’s friends can’t seem to get a picture of Marc’s stalker.  Be careful, the stalker could be anywhere and everywhere, all the time, just like Vickie swears to in a court of law.  No kidding, read all about it here.

So Marc Frenzel’s mother says Marc is being stalked….Marc does not know it, his classmates don’t know it, the police have no evidence of it, but he and his mom swear to it.  Danger in Watertown, the zombie stalker can only be seen by other zombies….meaning Marc and Vickie are zombies…..omg!!!  Watertown is invaded with zombies, well, two anyway, maybe three if you count the stalker.

So warning to all kids in Watertown High School, Marc’s mom says he is being stalked, be on the lookout for a stalker, get pictures, videos.  Send pictures of stalkers to all your friends, be on the lookout.  Anyone staring a Marc may be the stalker.

Or just laugh at the delusions of an insane mother claiming that her son is being stalked by an invisible person.  Really time to reach out and protect Marc from his mother.


Prison of Evie and Sofi Grohs.  Stalker target.  227 Woodbury Road.

Self appointed unmarried stepmother of Evie and Sofi.  Stalker sighter.

Attorney Steven H. Levy, representing Vicki Frenzel in claim of stalker sightings.

Bill Grohs’ other side

Wiliam Grohs Aviation?