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Jew Process

Time to highlight the goofball ‘spic Judge Jose Suarez of Connecticut Family Court for his form of jew process of law. Not due process, as prescribed by the Constitution, but ‘jew’ process, unique to the zionists of family court. The miscreant judicial authority, sitting as a family court judge did apply King Solomon’s talmudic law to uphold the agenda of zionism against the gentile by relying on the jewish game of psychology, in complete defiance of the American concept of ‘rule of law’ and ‘due process.

In family court there is no law. Just the unbridled tyranny of a zionist agenda designed solely to inflict emotional pain and suffering on the goyim to undermine the fabric of a Christian society. Anything to do with a Christian family will be attacked and destroyed by the jews with the aid of their zionistic foot soldiers like Judge Suarez under the command of Judge Elliot Solomon, King Jew of Connecticut Family Court. Child predators wear black robes.

It is public knowledge that Judge Jose Suarez hates hearing family cases. His jewish colleague, Judge Gerard Adelman, stated this simple fact in sworn public testimony before the judiciary committee of the legislature. Suarez is such a jerk that the Connecticut hispanic community, his own ethnic brethren mobilized to have him kicked off the bench. Pretty sad when your own people want you gone. Even Peter Szymonik has nothing nice to say of this retarded wetback. The latest manifestation of anti-Christian, anti-gentile behavior of this goofball is in the case of Morera v Thurber where children are used as weapons to inflict harm and the moral compass of the court turns on the opinion of a jewish psychologist. A simple case of visitation between a father and a brainwashed teenaged daughter who emulates her sexually frigid mother in man hatred. Mom’s demented effort is to vindicate her failed marriage by conditioning her daughter to hate men, even her own father. Mother’s psychosis is her own problem, but using children to act out her own anger issues and sexual inabilities is cruel. The court has no interest in isolating a child from a parent nor to disturb parent-child bonds just because marriage was dissolved. The state has no interest in denying visitation and is not appearing in this case. But it does not stop the goofball ‘spic from shredding the Constitution and upholding the opinion of jew psychobabble zionist Dr. Bruce Freedman as truth.

Father seeks visitation in the court of the ‘spic goofball, who, as a disciple of Jew King Solomon, must drag dad over the fuckbarrel, because that is what Jews of the Connecticut Judiciary want for the goyim. Suarez is not man enough nor Christian enough to issue an proper visitation order, he needs the ‘advice’ of a jew in the profession of psychobabble to undermine the law. Dr. Bruce Freedman, a notable jew of the psycho community, a vulture of family court, is appointed by Suarez to provide an ‘opinion’. The pscho nut’s opinion is to keep father and daughter apart, in accordance with the zionistic principles of fucking over the goyim in Family Court. Suarez uphold’s the jewish opinion and kicks father out of court. But wait, that is not the due process of law, that is not how the court is to function under the Constitution. That is just a ‘spic of a jerk in a black robe who cannot perform his job function under the law. The jews win again.

The matter took two years to get to appellate review where Judge William Bright of the appellate court ruled that the goofball ‘spic Suarez violated due process rights. Suarez, sitting as a judge acted as a domestic enemy of the Constitution in undermining the civil liberties of the goy before his bench. A tyrant, a goofball, a stupid ‘spic, a child predator, a monster in a black robe; natural law requires his elimination. Perhaps the Hispanic community of Connecticut will take the terrorism of Suarez and his ‘Jew Process’ as a call to arms, police their own and take down this goofball once and for all. Sic Semper Tyrannis!!!

Editor’s Note: Another example of how a litigant gets punished for disagreeing with the jewish experts. Head Family Court Judge Michael Albis has previously opined that criticism of the cesspool is akin to a CRUSADE. Perhaps it is time for Patriots and Crusaders to join forces to purge the jews and their attack on American society. The gun to defend the Constitution and a sword to defend the Christian faith.

Jew King Elliott Solomon Talmud Ruler of Connecticut Family Court