Attorney Discipline?

The jewdiciary of Connecticut plays a charade on the goy that the so called practice of law is highly regulated, where attorneys are subject to codes of ethics and honesty worthy of Christian trust. To support the charade, the taxpayers are soaked to pay for an extensive overpaid staff of incompetent lawyers who make up the Statewide Grievance Committee, headed by pedophile Michel P. Bowler along with a Chief Disciplinarian Brian B. Staines. All are attorneys holding that special place in society to ensure the proper administration of justice. But like everything else in the Connecticut court system, it is a scam and a rather jewish one at that.

Take the case of Daniel Greer, of New Haven, a licensed attorney since 1976 who is listed by the jewdiciary as being in good standing with no disciplinary action against him. Greer is presently incarcerated in the basement of the Cheshire State Prison, serving ten years for acts of pedophilia against minors. However, he is still licensed to practice law in Connecticut … after all, he is a jew, he even calls himself a ‘rabbi’, he has lots of jewish pals, and he has not been ‘disciplined’ under attorney rules for fucking little boys in the ass. See how the jewdiciary works? What is a crime for the goy is just another day of pedo bliss for attorneys.

Behind the smoke and mirrors of attorney regulation is the man behind the jewdicial curtain, Martin Libbin, de facto general counsel and protector of all things corrupt of the court system. The judges love him. Affectionately known to adoring court staff as ‘Marty’, this jew is the son of a former state judge pedophile in black, and knows where all the bodies are buried. He is not only owned by the state pedo ring he is part of it. Many little boy’s sore asses became inflamed due to ‘Marty’s’ skills to protect the ring and its supporting judges.

Any questions on why a convicted pedophile in solitary confinement in the state dungeon is still a licensed attorney in good standing? Is it clear why no ‘disciplinary’ paperwork was prepared by Michael P. Bowler, or any of his assistants: Christopher Slack, Frances Mickelson-Dera, Cathy A. Dowd, Kerry O’Connell, Darlene F. Reynolds, Elizabeth M. Rowe. Bowler even has Garritt Kelly, a professional investigator on staff, paid to protect child molesters.

Chief Disciplinary Counsel Staines, has attorneys Leanne M. Larson, Michele D. Sensale and Marie-Louise Villar along with professional investigator Nancy Pulito, who all hold that convicted pedophiles are licensed lawyers in good standing.

In reality, all the above state paycheck sponges are under the thumb of ‘Marty’. A jew like Marty is not going to throw child rapist Greer under the bus, jews protect each other and Marty delivers the protection. So, if you are in need of legal services and are spending some time in the state pen in Cheshire, stop by the basement for a free consult with Attorney Greer, a Connecticut lawyer in good standing.

Rabbie Daniel Greer, a lawyer in good standing, convict in Cheshire State Prison, law offices in the basement.
Attorney Michael P. Bowler, pedo protector and child molester.
Chief Pedophile Protector Brian Staines, puppet to ‘Marty’ Libbin.

Update: The day after this post, Marty went nuts, Staines filed for suspension, which was granted the day after. Behold the power of the Blog!!!