Splash Barbara!!!!

Baby Aaden went splash in the Connecticut River because of the jews of family court, payback requires splashing Barbara Aarons’ nomination to the bench.

The family court jewish mafia of Corrupticut is at it again.  Gay boy pedo Governor Dannel Malloy, in obedience to his pedo puppet masters has ‘nominated’ Barbara D. Aaron of the jew family law firm of Berman Bourns Aaron & Dembo to be a judge of the Superior Court.  Meaning another jewish deviant pedophile is being placed on the family bench to uphold the Zionistic agenda of Chief Jew Judge Elliot N. Solomon.

There will be no change to the child trafficking, money stealing court if the legislature rubber stamps another jew family court attorney to the bench.  A long line of miscreant family law attorneys have taken up black robes to make this the most evil court in the land.  A court of no law, just jewdicial discretion.

Barbara is an evil dirty inside player of the corrupt family court.  She is a partner in jewery with the notorious Steve Dembo, one of the most corrupt, twisted, high priced and untouchable GALs of the system.  Anyone close to Dembo in practice or belief is a threat to society and a danger to children.  Take a detailed look at Barbara’s dirty inside play which should scare all legislators to vote against her nomination.

Barabara is a jew money bag who gleefully profits from the suffering of others, manipulates the system for jewish profit and trafficks children to finance her perverted lifestyle.  Her dark hand is in the nefarious operations of The Children’s Law Center of Connecticut.  A not for profit money laundering operation which is a front for the jewish policies of the AFCC organization and child trafficking operation for the state pedophiles.  Barbara works with fellow jew and Director of the Center, Attorney Justine Rakich-Kelly  who pretends to provide legal services for poor kids caught up in family court matters….like Baby Aaden.

Here is the reality of these jew family law attorneys.  If you are a white kid who has purpose for the state pedophile ring, Barbara and her pals will jump into action.  If you are a poor brown (hispanic) kid that is of no service to the pedos, judges like Barry C. Pinkus will not provide any legal assistance like a GAL from the Center nor from the state.  Little poor brown kids go splash in the Connecticut River to the glee of the jew lawyers.  Zionism rules the Connecticut Family Court bench.  Four legged calves of the goyim are for slaughter by the chosen ones.  Family court is about money for lawyers and kickbacks to judges, kids don’t matter and poor brown ones matter even less.  Simply Money.

Confirming Barbara to the bench is to reward the jew family court for the murder of Baby Aaden.  Confirming Barbara upholds the jewery of the court in denying protection to poor brown Christian kids.  Barbara is the antithesis of American rule of law.  Rich white jew lawyers and jew judges gleefully sentenced Baby Aaden to a watery grave.

Time for the legislature to acknowledge the jewery of family court and splash Barbara’s nomination in memory of Baby Aaden.  No Christian can vote in favor of Barbara’s nomination.  Just toss her off the Middletown Bridge and say a prayer for the children of Connecticut.

Editor’s Note:  The pedophile puppets will attack critics of Barbara Aaron as ‘anti-semitic’ as a rouse to deflect attention from the court whore she is.  Rep. Tong and Sen. Doyle the deviant democratic chairs of the Judiciary Committee will not address why the court failed baby Aaden.  No one will address the lack of Christian principles of the court.  The closed club of child predators will rally around Barbara’s nomination, maybe put up a billboard or two, employ robo call service, and the like.  Reality remains that the jews run the family court to make money for jews.  Kids don’t matter.  Baby Aaden was murdered at the hands of the jewish court.

Baby Aaden . victim of family court.  Splash Barbara in his memory.

Inside family court player, dirty attorney, money laundering parasite.

Jew King Elliott Solomon Talmud Ruler.Zionist killer of Baby Aaden.

Jew GAL Steve Dembo.  Immune Zionist foot soldier of Judge Solomon.

Two jew peas in a pod, Aaron and Raich, laundering money to traffick kids.

Judge Barry Pinkus right, no time, effort or patience for hispanics.

Attorney Justine Raich Kelly, jew executive director of Children Rape Center. No help to hispanics.

Middletown Bridge. Baby Aaden’s last breath.  Toss Barbara’s nomination over the rail.  Pray for the child victims of lawyers and jewdicial discretion.