Judge Suarez the goofball

Let’s examine the spoken words of judicial goofball, Jose Suarez.  This hispanic clown of the court is so special that the black and hispanic caucuses of the legislature tried to kick him off the bench.  A bald headed nut job who can’t spell oath and can’t find the law when it falls on him.  Going back to 2009, this cracker blew some good shit up the skirts of deviants McDonanld and Lawlor of the judiciary committee.  He stated the following:

“My greatest professional satisfaction is looking at a set of facts, figuring out what the law is and applying the facts to the law to arrive at a conclusion.  This is what judges do.  When they undertake this task, they are not advocating a particular outcome; rather they are looking for a just answer to a problem.  That is why I want to be a judge and I can assure you that, if confirmed, I will perform the duties of a judge diligently, fairly and respectfully.”

The lying sack of puerto rican bird shit is nothing more than a child trafficker doing the bidding of the state pedo ring.  He is providing protection and breaking the law for drama queen Matthew Couloute.  He knows Couloute is living in Georgia with a peach state driver’s license.  He knows mom and the kid live in New York.  Two citizens of other states having no business with the Hartford Family Court….pretty simple.  A set of facts, law, conclusion.

But not for pedo player Jose Suarez, his professional satisfaction is child trafficking of a five year old girl presently being held in protective custody by the State of New York.   His masters have directed that he get the pedo play toy back in the pedo play pen of Connecticut for his pedo pals to play games with….Baby Dragon anyone?  This judge is a straight up liar.  He was informed of perjury in the case by direction his own Judicial Marshals and the State Police Troop H; then throws a temper tantrum claiming rules of evidence don’t cover ex parte notification of a crime.  Couloute’s fraud of concealing residency in Georgia is not a ‘fact’ to baldy.  The clown knows there is perjury in his court, but true to pedo standards, Suarez ignores it.  A judge of Connecticut provides valet service to a resident of Georgia to traffick a child outside his jurisdiction with state funds?  Why?

The plan involves Judge Omar Williams, false arrest of the mother, leading to Judge Jose Suarez soon to be ruling to give sole custody to dad and cut mom out of play toy’s life.  Williams the nigger player, Suarez the ‘spic.  See why the legislative caucuses want to rid the bench of such vermin;  to protect the children!

Someone should tell Jose that actions speak louder than words and people are watching….closely!  Even Judge Adelman is aware of ‘spic ball’s lack of professionalism and dislike for his job as presiding judge of Hartford JD Family Court.  Check out Adelman’s sworn commentary on Jose.