Long Duck Tonger

The federal gauntlet has been tossed at the webbed feet of Connecticut Attorney General, chink pedophile, master Confucius, jew puppet, democrat William Tong. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has had it with swinging dicks running on the girls track team under the pseudonym ‘transgender’. The jewish game of labels and self-identification is getting called out to the tune of $18 million in denied federal grants to the queers of Connecticut. The federal government holds no cause to fund the deviant behavior of nutmeg jews who label a mentally defective nigger, flopping his dick around in a lane at the girls track meet ‘transgender’. Nigger is just fucked up. Have dick … run on boys track team … pretty simple.

Now Chinaman Long Duck Tonger will have to take the jewish dick out of his mouth to speak out against the federal denial of funds. What will he do? File some papers in federal court claiming that the State deviants are entitled to the money? That Title IX of the Civil Rights Act does not apply to jews and their twisted agenda? A dick on the girls team is ok? That the age of consent should be abolished? Oi vey! All eyes on the deviant Chink.

The feds have suggested for a while that dicks on the girls team violates Title IX, which is a D.Q. for federal money. Connecticut jews thumped their Talmud, calling for a showdown. Tonger is the chief attorney of the state; what will his masters tell him to do? Little Chinaman gonna take on U.S. DOJ?? Yappy little barking Tonger going to go up against U.S. Attorney General Barr? Tonger will be squashed like a bug. Connecticut will be held out as a jewish example of how not to comply with federal law. The state’s PRIVATE high school sports association, CIAC, under the deviant leadership of pedophiles and miscreants will all lose their jobs. School Boards across the state will be purged of the jewish deviancy that goes to fuck up high school sports. A quiet assassination of the filthy jewish sexually deviant agenda has begun, starting with an $18m bullet aimed right at Tonger’s pointed little head. Tong cannot defend the opinion of a private organization against the federal agency responsible for administering the implementing regulations of Title IX. On behalf of the State, Tong has cause to bitch slap the municipalities who are violating federal law by allowing dicks on the girls team. Not even Tong can overturn Title IX, nor do the people of Connecticut have cause for same.

The New York Times article quotes the mayor of the cesspool of New Haven that somehow the feds are extorting the state jews, forcing high schools to take a side against transgender individuals. So silly. How about a side for the girls who don’t want dicks in their bathrooms? How about a side for girls sports? How about a side for normal Christian parents? How about a side for human decency? Justin Elicker is just a jew with a jewish agenda to fuck up a civilized society.

Ever think to just make a ‘transgender’ sports league and let all the psycho deviants play together in their own sandbox? Give them all a trophy, for using the same bathroom? After all, the jews don’t want you to believe there are only two sexes, why should there there be only boys and girls sports divisions?

New Haven deviant Mayor Justin Elicker uses his own four year-old daughter Molly to push the queer jewish agenda, what a dad!!
Connecticut State Attorney General William Tong, jewish puppet and pedophile advocate, will be smoked by AG Barr for violation of Title IX.
Attorney Michelle Laubin represents New Haven and Groton School Districts, advocate for deviant swinging dicks in the girls locker room and sports teams, one fucked up bitch.
It has a dick, why is it running with the girls … girls don’t run with dicks.