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Target Solomon

The System is broken! The family court system is broken! The propaganda machine is in overdrive. The Connecticut family court system is operating perfectly as designed by its chief architect, the very non-Christian and most inhumane Judge Elliot N. Solomon, and he is proud of it, as are all the recipients who gorge on the fat revenue streams cast off the bench. Solomon was high fiving with the Family Bar Association and the family court judges as pathetic victim after victim cried to the legislature how they have been raped financially by his ‘perfect system’.

Tuesday saw another parade of tears before representatives of the sovereign people of Connecticut. A public hearing that lasted all day, focused on the terrors of family court and the evil doers who dwell therein. CT-N even recorded the event to let all see the damage done by Solomon in trafficking children for legal fees. See CT-N at link. Do note that the ‘system’ designed by Solomon, absent compliance with natural law or context of Christian behavior, is working perfectly. The trail of tears is a constant common theme. Christian families drawn into Solomon’s Star Chamber are destroyed mentally, physically, emotionally, and of most import, financially. Every one of Solomon’s victims reported the same wounds. The ‘system’ is designed to enrich the most bottom tier lawyers who are unemployable at real law firms. The cadre of family court lawyers all share the common credentials of a bottom tier law school, non-affiliation with a professional firm, never made partner track in any previous employment and have a desperate necessity to act illegally to generate billable hours. Yes folks, family court is where bottom feeding, incompetent lawyers go to dine by inflicting harm on children in return for Satan’s wages. The hearing was held by Christian representatives who heard from Christian victims of a jewish conspiracy.

Remember, Joette Katz, former State Supreme Court Jew Justice calls family court the ‘land of broken toys’, but what she really meant to say is ‘land of broken children, who were broken for fees’. Don’t forget the sworn testimony of Judge Gerrard Adelman, who stated at his reconfirmation hearing, that judges hate serving in family court, but not him, he loves fucking little boys and their parent’s wallets. Judge Adelman even singled out ‘spic boy Judge Suarez as particularly hating to serve on the family bench. But then there are dykes Bozzuto and Murphy who relish in tearing families apart. The jews, Wetstone, Epstein, Gould, Pinkus, Diana, Aaronson, Munro, all judges who bathe in the financial kickbacks from lawyers like Dembo, Bozek, Mager, Gersten, Ruel, Kiefer, Raich-Kelly, Brigham, Armata. Let’s not forget all those professional family relations officers whose state pay and bonus is controlled by the family court judges they serve. Yes, this is all masterfully designed by the king of the jews, master of the Talmud, the evil slime and devil’s hand, Judge Elliot N. Solomon.

Credit for statutory authority of looting and plundering Connecticut families while trafficking the children also goes to the Judiciary Committee of the General Assembly. A long history of lawyers doing Solomon’s bidding on this committee to put in place the structure to generate fat revenue streams for lawyers. Folks like Kissel, Rebimbas, McDonald, Tong and other Bar members were instrumental in doing their master Solomon’s bidding. The key statute that the jews put in place was the private funding of GALs. The family court held no power to order parents to directly pay of the nebulous GAL. Long ago, the court could only appoint a GAL then tax the litigants by assessing a court fee, payable to the State. But this would be too messy. A contract between the state and the GAL is needed. Invoices and auditable work product had to be submitted. The state had to report the transaction to the IRS and if the parents did not pay, the state had to pursue the collection, not the court. Solomon could not stand for such normal contractual business requirements, he needed the legislature to give him an end run around checks, balances, accountability; allowing for a scam of felony tax evasion. So the jewdiciary got CGS 46b-54 and CGS 46b-62 to simplify theft by court. The first statute gives the GAL license to steal by billing hours without limit for undefined services; the old practice was 20 hours of work. The second statute gave the court the power to order the parents to pay cash directly to the GAL, where the judges use immediate incarceration to ensure prompt collection. The state rate was $25/hr, the private rate $350/hr. The judges pushed for private pay vendors and to increase GAL compensation. The scam is all documented in Rowland’s Commission Report of 2002, where old pedo battle axe Judge Annie Dranginis outlined the fleecing scam aimed at family money. The commission was staffed with judges, lawyers and court vendors. The family court previously held no power to invade the marital assets in a divorce matter. The court was only permitted to divide the marital estate as part of ending the marriage. Solomon saw the problem with this limitation and obtained the license to steal through coercion of the lawyers in the legislature. Face it folks, it is not ‘We the people’, it is a mafia of jews called attorneys, who hold one common purpose of generating billable hours and making an obscene amount of money on an artificially induced conflict. Further reading Solomon’s GAL scam is provided by the Connecticut Law Library here.

Solomon’s ‘system’ of involving the quacksters of psychobabble descended from the jews of the Frankfurt School is codified in CGS 46b-56 (h) & (i) where again, the legislature gave family court judges the authority to order everyone in the family to psycho analysis, therapy, electro shock, medication, making the judge the paymaster for an entire army of bottom tier psycho quacks. Again, the legislature gave the court the power to inflict harm, commit larceny and place an entire family under the control of pedophile monsters like John Connolly, Bruce Freedman, Sidney Horowitz, Andrew Hechtman, Kenneth Robson (all jews) absent any medical purpose, but the parents must pay cash up front. The court orders therapy absent diagnosis, protocol, measures of efficacy. Note that the brand of psychology applied by the court has roots in the Frankfurt School, which was all jews. Sigmund Freud was a jew too!

Solomon, being the terrorist and domestic enemy of the Constitution, instructs his jewdicial underlings to ignore the people’s statute that obstructs his ‘system’. Specifically, the family court gives a big ‘fuck you’ to the sovereign people of the state by ignoring CGS 46b-56(b), which requires ‘active and consistent involvement of both parents’ in the lives of these children. This little gem has been law since 2005, but the family court ignores it and the appellate court won’t hear it. This one small phrase wipes out the source of harm inflicted by the jews of the court…child isolation. A long drawn out expensive litigation always involves cutting the kids off from one parent and forcing an expensive fight to regain even simple hugs. Isolation of a child from a parent should never happen by discretionary whim of one of Solomon’s monkeys. A restraining order of due process, with action by the state yes; but not by whim…which is what Solomon, Murphy, Gould, Ficeto, Bozzuto, Schofield, Pinkus, Tindill, Munro, Adelman, Wetstone, Albis, Diana, Prestley, Gordon, Emons all do with regularity. Isolation of a child from a parent is child abuse under federal law; CAPTA. Needless to say, no GAL ever objects to such isolation. It generates fees for lawyers, fakes need for therapists, but always costs the family money; cash up front. It is what Solomon teaches….defy the law, create conflict by manipulating the child, isolate the four legged gentile from its calf. Simply jewish. Simply Solomon. Simply a violation of statute by the chosen ones out to destroy society, one family at a time. Beginning to understand the purpose of the Second Amendment? The legislature fails to check the court, the court ignores the law, the people have no recourse, but black powder and .308 ball ammunition.

The Tuesday hearing provided public data that Solomon’s ‘system’ does nothing to help families, nothing to protect kids. The court systematically wrecks the lives and wallets of anyone caught up in Solomon’s web. All judges are trained by Solomon and all lawyers bow to Solomon. No one gets out of line, no one blows a whistle, Solomon’s wrath is deadly. Criticism of the court is now a CRUSADE by opinion of head family court Judge Michael Albis. It is a deadly racket, run by monsters. Solomon knows well how retribution is unleashed on critics of his ‘system’. Arrests are made, SWAT teams are deployed. The Thin Blue Line is court muscle. The FBI will even participate to harass and intimidate across state lines, arranging fictitious raids to steal your computer, all at the direction of Solomon. Solomon was even trolling the public hearing on Tuesday in violation of Canon in defiance of separation of powers. He was leaving his mark, intimidating free citizens exercising their First Amendment right of petition to their government for redress of grievances. Solomon had to make his evil powers known by visiting the hearing and inspecting the sign up list for names of his victims who would be telling the legislature the damage done by him and his black robed thugs of family court.

Judge Elliot Solomon trolling the public hearing, public act of intimidation, precursor to judicial retribution, violation of Canon, begging for a state snow plow to take him out.

Time for the people of Connecticut to grow some balls. Time for the legislature to check the judiciary and have a little spring cleaning of a very foul bench. There is nothing in American culture that sacrifices children for the profit of bottom feeding lawyers. Such a concept is alien to any enlightened human culture. The alien construction of family court is simply jewish. Solomon’s parasitic zionist zeal unleashed on a Christian people for whom he holds no respect, no affiliation, nor common beliefs. He is a jew and he wants all the money he can extract from non jewish victims while piling on the greatest suffering possible to the goyim family unit. Simple jewery which is extremely well documented behavior throughout history.

Time to purge King Solomon and his jewish pals from the judiciary. Simple. Call it a crusade or a jihad, but don’t ever call family court humane. First step by the Christian legislature is to float a bill to deny ‘absolute immunity’ to the GAL. Once Joe Aresimowicz, speaker of the house, brings forth this bill, all hell will break loose. The jews conferred GAL immunity acting through Joette Katz, now the gentiles move to undo it, taking down Solomon’s construction. Second move by the legislature will be to make GAL fees assessed by the court, requiring auditable state contracts with the individual lawyers, at state rates, with proper tax reporting. That will destroy Solomon’s game and end the under the bench kickbacks. The final destruction of the Jewish Family Court will be to limit the power of the court to strip custody of a child from a parent to the sole purpose of protecting the child. The ‘best interest’ is simple jewish word salad injected into the law by a jew judge back in 1925. Christian teachings under the Fourth Commandment do not allow for such arbitrary destruction of a parent-child bond. Discretion of a moron in a black robe trained by Solomon under the Talmud is not American law. Finally, place a ninety day time limit on a custody determination, as is common in other states. Judges held to a delivery schedule severely curtail the practice of dragging out litigation for years to enrich the lawyers. The custody fights fail, the revenue generator is destroyed, it ends the jewish scam on the gentiles. If you have not noticed, the jews created family court like a dog fighting pit, where the parents are forced by charlatans into a conflict with no purpose and no end. It is not a creation of humans nor the Christian Church. It will be fun watching the kikes fight it. Solomon vs. ‘We the people’ is game on!!! Maybe he will heed the warning of what is coming and just retire, leave the state and live in a bunker, lest the Crusaders come after him for his crimes against children.

Solomon’s trolling of the public hearing violated the following Canons:

  • A Judge Shall Uphold and Promote the Independence, Integrity, and Impartiality of the Judiciary, and Shall Avoid Impropriety and the Appearance of Impropriety.
  • A Judge Shall Conduct the Judge’s Personal and Extrajudicial Activities To Minimize the Risk of Conflict with the Obligations of Judicial Office.
  • A judge shall not, in the performance of judicial duties, by words or conduct, manifest bias or prejudice or engage in harassment including, but not limited to, bias, prejudice, or harassment against Christians, gentiles, goyim or other non-jews for political affiliation and shall not condone such conduct by court staff, court officials, or others subject to the judge’s direction and control.
  • A Judge Shall Not Engage in Political or Campaign Activity that Is Inconsistent with the Independence, Integrity, or Impartiality of the Judiciary
Jew King Elliott Solomon Talmud Ruler, target of the new crusade.
Judge Elliot N. Solomon, trolling public hearing on Family Court, intimidation and violation of Canon.
When the laws are ignored by the courts, the Second Amendment holds special purpose. The ultimate fix for Solomon’s Family Court of Connecticut.