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Chief Fuchs Mother Hunter

Let’s examine how Redding’s police chief hunts a mother at the bidding of sleazy underhanded divorce lawyers with jewdicial blessings.  Chief Douglas Fuchs, a sworn law enforcement nazi who wipes his ass with the Constitution, sells arrest services to members of the Bar.

The twisted lawyers are our well known Family Court insiders Mary Giuliano and the cancerous Mary Brigham.  This well known court case involves money, substance abuse, illegal guns, infidelity, car crashes and child trafficking by Dr. Shawn Tittle.  A surgeon on his third wife with bucks can buy legal and police services to erase a cast off mother from the lives of her children.  Isolation of kids from a parent is a lucrative legal tactic in Judge Lynda Munro’s court.  Divorce lawyers know conflict makes money.  $$$

So one day in late summer of 2013 the isolated mother has a courier deliver birthday presents to the home of her two isolated kids.  The home of Dr. Tittle and his third wife Dr. Laura Choi.  The family court drama machine did not miss a beat to escalate the litigation game with some really slick police work by Chief Douglas Fuchs of Redding.

Just like high school, the girls got together in the bathroom to hatch the plan to abuse a mother with the blessings of the court.  First, Laura Choi, the adulterous third wife of Tittle, heavy scotch drinker, valium popping sociopath calls the Redding Police to make a complaint of criminal conduct because birthday presents were delivered to her step children.  As if on cue and briefed by the secret lawyer/cop connection, Chief Fuchs’ elite crime stoppers dispatch the rookie, Brittany Salafia.  It is always the probie rookie who has to pay dues to get in the Thin Blue Line club by doing some dirty work.

Rookie Officer Salafia, young, stupid, no kids, dutifully investigates the birthday presents. Takes statements from drama queen Choi, interviews the mother by phone and magically concludes that the crime of stalking was committed.  Salafia pens the false affidavit, swears to the lies, Chief Fuchs approves, prosecutor gives the wink and a nod, boom…..arrest warrant for criminal mother.  Fuchs does not stop there, he has to please the lawyers with premium mother abuse service.  He dispatches four cruisers and a K9 unit to hunt the mother at her own home.  The psychopaths of the thin blue line surround the house and threaten to unleash the hounds.  Chief Fuchs knew that the mother was of a fragile state of mind and added the canine raid for effect.  Such a nice touch, Fuchs’ own mother would be proud.

The connect the dots is the usual suspects.  The jewdicial trifecta was the evil Lynda Munro, queen of RFTD, the drooling Lloyd Cutsumpas and the card shark Robert Resha.  No application of law, just discretion, child trafficking and huge billing by the dynamic duo of Attorney Brigham and Giuliano.  Chief Fuchs was following instructions.  Doting prosecutor is the notorious Stephen J. Sedensky III.  Can’t have a good stalking crime with children’s birthday presents without the help of Kevin Kane and his merry band of child traffickers.

Welcome to Connecticut where children are trafficked and mothers are hunted.

Pedo Chief of Redding Police Fuchs….mother hunter.

GAL cunt

Rosemary Guiliano child trafficker