Elastic Ethics of Attorney Brigham

There is a difference between the limits of attorney ethics and a rubber band…..the later will eventually break when stretched too far.  The former knows no bounds.  We now focus on the so called ETHICS of attorneys engaged in illegitimate family court post judgement litigation.  A game run by doting judges to drain family savings, enrich lawyers and provide untraceable kickbacks to pockets under black robes.

So called attorney Mary Brigham is a simple con artist.  She played the Grohs family for a ridiculous sum of money for providing no legal service of any import for a simple divorce.  Attorney Rosemary Giuliano, well known Waterbury hustler and inside player laughed all the way to the bank with a truckload of money from the rather foolish William J. Grohs, an actual ‘whale’ to Giuliano’s pathetic law firm.  So why did she fire her money bag client?  Seriously folks, the guy has huge bank accounts, why would Rosemary turn off the revenue spigot?  Ethics?  Could she not ‘ethically’ represent Billy Boy as he was lying, making false statements, being vexatious and Rosemary knew it?  He was just not worth the risk to her dirty, insider trust with the judges.  Better to dump the nut than risk the whole enchilada.

Cudos to Rosemary!  An actual demonstration that there are clients who even the dirty inside players are afraid to represent.  But wait, GAL Mary Brigham realized that Rosemary dumped her gravy train too.  What was Mary going to do?  Without an attorney to pursue Billy Boy’s sick game of ‘get momma’ there was no transfer of funds to Mary’s pocket.  Worse still, there were judges in Waterbury not getting a tax free slice of the GAL pie.   Someone had to do something.  Bill needed a lawyer.  Bill needed to pay attorney invoices.  Mary did what no ‘ethical’ lawyer would ever do, she summoned Attorney Michael Fasano to the rescue.  Fasano, having no ethical restrictions, could kick start the game, start the flow of legal fees out of Billy’s massive bank account.  Fasano was even instructed to ask for Mary to be reappointed as GAL; her payback and the conduit to transfer money to the judicial pocket.  Boom! Right off the bat, Judge Schofield takes the cue and Brigham is the GAL riding herd once again, on the post judgement cash cow.

Fasano made up for lost time quickly with a frivolous contempt motion which ran up over $60k in billings overseen by doting Judge Cutsumpas.  Then rolled to an improper modification motion, then an EMERGENCY motion, all with the ‘ethical’ support of Mary Brigham.  Curious when senior judges will call a halt to this game as it completely destroys the legitimacy of the court.  Any comments Chase?  Is this the standard of law in Corrupticut?

Ever notice that family court has nothing to do with law or best interests of children.  It is simply a money game for lawyers and judges.  No wonder GALs are blessed with immunity…..there is simply no reality of the “ethical practice of law”.