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Po’ Folk

The vultures of Connecticut family court have codified a docket clearing statute for poor folks, those who have no money to feed the predators of the family bar association, highlighting again jewdicial cause that families with no money will not clog the docket of financial plunder, not waste profitable court time, not distract the jewdicial authority from appointed purpose of plundering bank and enriching lawyers. The alien chosen ideology in worship of shekels is laid bare in the new version of CGS §46b-44a, passed by the house and senate.

The elements are purely financial. Two equal citizens, holding special status of little assets and no children to fuel a custody fight are allowed special process to obtain the now unequal administrative ‘no fault’ divorce, for which all married persons are entitled. Requirements for this eschewed class are total assets less than $80k, hold no title to real estate, no pension plan, no kids, no fetus, married less than nine years, no active restraining order. In other words, if no one in the predatory family court can make a dime off poor folks, now a discriminated class, undeserving of equal protection under the law. Equal protection, uniform due process of state issued ‘no fault’ divorce is just different for po’ folk. The arbitrary limits set in this law are shocking. What is the rational basis for $80k? What is the legal specifics of a nine year marriage? Blog legal department smells the dark jew hand, classifying citizens according to capricious criteria to obtain what is a statutory right of all married folks, a state issued dissolution.

Blog finance department exposes the true purpose of family court:  shekels. Family court feeds on family bank; no bank, no reason to inflame conflict, no lawyer feed, no lucrative vendor appointments, no jewdicial kickbacks, a docket full of po’ folks collapses the system, lawyers go hungry. Blog policy department spotlights Judge Michael Albis for engineering the discriminatory construction in violation of due process and equal protection enforced by the Fourteenth Amendment. Hailed as a matter of jewdicial efficiency, a doctrine alien to the Fifth Amendment, the chosen masters of family court expose their true purpose of focusing only on cases where conflict can be inflamed, promoting protracted litigation for the chosen goal of familial destruction. The jewdiciary committee chaired by dumb nigger Winfield, moron Stafstrom, fat boy Kissel, slime Fishbein, deviant Flexer, retard Quinn, supported by a cadre of compliant bar members, all fail to recognize the constitutional failure of this NEW legislation. Jews get what jews want to malign the goy and shred the Constitution; family court remains focused on bank.

For the more technically inclined, the action goes to racketeering, it keeps out the riffraff, the low value marks, keeping the operation focused on ‘whales’, preserving valuable court time for the primary cause of trafficking children. Feds would have a ball collaring the architects of the new law, but nigger girl USAO CT is one of the racketeers, who works for a jew.

Editor’s Note:   The conduct of the state judicial branch is constitutional terrorism, creating laws alien to founding principles, passed by incompetent representatives who eschew the rights of a free people.

Miscreants of the judicial committee, defying constitutional protections of due process and equal protection.