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Carl Ajello

The criminal justice system declares its illegitimacy when inbred state actors like Assistant State’s Attorney Carl Ajello makes public statements that he will only drop the false felony charges against the battered mother when New York ends its case against his fraternity brother Matthew C. Couloute.  Carl Ajello abuses public office by waging private war against New York child protective services to coerce the return of a pedo play toy.

Carl Ajello knows that the charges are false, but he won’t tell Judge Bruno, Judge Dewey, Judge Baldini or newbie Judge Budzik; nor will Judge Williams admit he is abusing his office to falsely issue an arrest warrant on lies of Couloute.  It is just a prosecutorial conspiracy involving K9 Cop Brendan Danaher, Bloomfield Police Chief Paul Hammick, ASA Gail Hardy, ASA Danielle O’Connell, ASA Mark W. Brodsky, ASA Jack Whalen and top scoundrel SA Kevin Kane.  All of these clowns know there is no jurisdiction for Connecticut to claim custodial interference for a resident of Georgia when New York has custody of the kid.  That is why niggah pedo Judge Omar Williams signed the mother’s arrest warrant and Governor Malloy approved extradition from New York on complaint from a resident of Georgia.  Pedos rule Connecticut courts.

Connecticut Prosecutorial Fuckery……a.k.a. criminal conduct, where the judges are playing along because niggah pedo pal Judge Omar Williams signed the false arrest warrant.  Criminal conduct of the criminal justice system……and the fed pedo protectors look the other way cause they like little boy ass too.  Note that the white judges: Dewey, Baldini, Budzik who have touched this case have no power to thwart the pedo activity of nigger judge Omar Williams and the totalitarian power of the pedo prosecutors.  White judges are just puppets to the pedo ring.  No law, no justice, just pedo power in the Connecticut Pedo Utopia.

Three spades and a white joker playing the hand of child trafficking for Connecticut Pedo Utopia.