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Cesspool Connecticut

How un-American can this get?

The state terrorists have been caught red handed.  Abuse of the criminal justice system by the perverted pedo state employees who are sworn to uphold the law.  A quick recap:  elite pedo prosecutor alum Matthew Couloute, gets Judge Danaher’s blessing for his K9 son Brendan Danaher of Bloomfield Police to take a false statement from a resident of Georgia to make an interstate felony arrest of a battered mother to recapture an escaped pedo play toy.  Kevin Kane, Gail Hardy, Carl Ajello, Danielle O’Connell, Mark Brodsky conspire along with pedo Judge Omar Williams, using public funds to issue a felony arrest warrant on behalf of the unsuspecting people of Connecticut.

Let’s give a round of applause to New York State’s Lauren Creighton, a young lawyer for Department of Social Services who is using public money to protect the hunted child.  She penned a perfect summary of the Couloute game. See her Opposition Motion

The game is completely exposed by Couloute’s own testimony.  All that is left now is for the feds to come in and arrest everyone in the Connecticut Criminal Justice organization who touched the matter, including Judges Williams, Bruno, Dewey, Baldini and Budzik.    Let’s see how long it takes Carl Ajello and Gail Hardy to drop the false charges. Don’t look for a press conference admitting to the constitutional violations and abuse of office by government terrorists.  Media inquires to Attorney Rachel Baird.

As newbie Judge Matthew J. Budzik asked from the bench:  What is a Franks hearing?  He is going to find out the hard way.  Connecticut’s felony arrest of mom in retaliation for New York’s action to protect a sexually abused child is a pedo headline.  Stay tuned.