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Time to question the integrity of the thin blue line of Bloomfield, Connecticut. The little sleepy pedophile hamlet where citizens fund local police to perform ‘favors’ for pedophiles, while trafficking children. Let’s look at the professional conduct of Officer Brendan Danaher who knowingly took a fabricated criminal complaint from the nefarious Matthew Condel Couloute of Cumming, Georgia on 11 January 2017 at 9pm in the evening. Why would a sworn law enforcement officer of Bloomfield take a complaint from a resident of Georgia about his child in New York? Child trafficking? You bet … the only reason!

Danaher verifies Couloute’s identity and address from his driver’s license, which shows a Fairfield address, where he had lived four years prior. Integrity dictates that the complaint be made in Fairfield, but integrity does not matter to Brendan Danaher, he is following instructions to traffic Couloute’s daughter. Had Danaher run the proper license check, he would have found Couloute also held a Georgia license addressed in Cumming, Georgia. Holding more than one driver’s license is illegal. Couloute is a lawyer, he knows this. A lawyer committing fraud on the police … classic!

Two days prior to this late night meeting at Bloomfield Police Station, a New York court issued a protective order barring Couloute from any contact with his daughter. Couloute was at his house in Georgia. The papers were sent to him via email and he had a phone conversation with the attorney representing the mother. But did Couloute reveal this to Danaher … no of course not!! But was Danaher aware, yes!!! When Danaher reached out to mom to claim that the child must be returned to Connecticut, mom provided a copy of the restraining order from NY. Danaher ignored this and did not mention it in his ‘sworn affidavit’ in application of an arrest warrant for the mother. Thin blue integrity at its finest!!!

The scam should have stopped right then and there, but Danaher was on a pedo mission to recover the sex toy, in defiance of any rule of law. Couloute and the kid were under the jurisdiction of a New York court. Couloute was using his pals in the Connecticut pedo ring to do an end run around NY. Couloute had left his Georgia kitchen, jumped in his car around 6pm on 9 January arriving in Connecticut about 3pm on the 10th, spent the night in Stamford, then waited until 9pm the next evening, the 11th, to make his complaint in Bloomfield. Interesting to note that Couloute had left Connecticut with his son Xavier on 16 October 2016, in an unregistered, uninsured van with expired tags, previously owned by his deceased father; drove all the way to Cumming and never looked back, until the NY court issued a restraining order against him. Strange? Of course, pedo games are always strange.

Couloute meets with Officer Brendan A. Danaher. Obviously there was need to wait until Danaher was on shift, as Couloute was just hanging out at his mom’s house in Bloomfield, then stops in at the station, makes his false complaint. In and out in a half an hour, then back on the road to Georgia, arriving midnight of the 12th. Two thousand miles of driving in three days is an impressive effort for a dad who abandoned his daughter, blew off Thanksgiving and Christmas visitation, does not pay child support, but amazingly has plenty of money for gas, just to make a false police report in Bloomfield.

But why Danaher at nine o’clock at night? No other officers available during the day? Connect the dots. Couloute needed a pedo pal in the thin blue line to trick the system. Danaher is the perfect guy. Daddy Danaher is the unscrupulous Judge John A. Danaher III. The pedo ring works on connections and judicial connections work the best. The order had been given from above that Connecticut wanted its playtoy back and was not going to let a judge in New York expose how Couloute’s daughter had been used and abused by notable state actors.

In summary, on 11 January 2017, a resident of Georgia, subject to a NY no contact restraining order, in protection of his daughter, complains to Bloomfield Police that his abandoned, battered ex-wife absconded with his neglected daughter back in October 2016, to safe haven, after he had taken up residency in Georgia with his son from another mother, while holding a Georgia driver’s license. On 24 January, Judge Omar Williams signed the arrest warrant for custodial interference, while Danaher and prosecutor Danielle M. O’Connell knew that the child was under the jurisdiction of New York. On 10 February, Governor Malloy issued an extradition warrant to drag mom and child back to Connecticut.

How pedos roll.

Needless to say, NY never gave up the child. Couloute admitted in NY court that he was a resident of Georgia. Connecticut prosecutor O’Connell dropped the charges in front of Judge Budzik in Hartford Criminal Court. No one recognized the criminal conduct of the criminal justice system. Judge Budzik was totally unaware of how his court was played. In the end, Brendan A. Danaher is left holding the bag in a federal lawsuit.

Matthew Couloute Mug Shot Arrested for wife beating, but when will he be arrested for making a false police report?
Bloomfield Police Station, where fabricated complaints become arrest warrants.
Bloomfield Police Chief Paul Hammick, pedo protector of the thin blue line.
Judge Omar Williams, issues arrest warrants to retrieve pedo play toys across state lines
Brendan Ahearn Danaher, (left) pedo protector conspirator in committing fraud on the criminal justice system, federal criminal conduct. A son only mother Anne (center) could be proud of!!
Judge Budzik played by the state pedos.
Judge John A. Danaher, III, dirty shot caller for the pedos in the criminal justice system.