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Connecticut Prosecutorial Fuckery

The un manly Carl Ajello of the elite state prosecutor pedo club shows his subconscious hatred for his own mother along side his betrayal of his oath of office.  Striving to please his black boss, Gail Hardy, who is doing black pedo bidding of Matthew Couloute to prosecute the second x mother of one of his play toys; Ajello drags out the state involvement in a false arrest for another month.  Abuse of public office, misuse of public funds, criminal civil rights violation, state sponsored child sexual abuse…..welcome to Connecticut.  See case H14H-CR17-0690177-S.

Remember the story?  Black pedo former prosecutor, wife beater, bone cracker Matthew Couloute abandons his child, moves to Georgia.  Then mom seeks safe haven with the grandparents in New York.  Then vindictive rib cracker gets K9 cop in Bloomfield to get felony extraditable arrest warrant to drag play toy child back to Connecticut Pedo Utopia…..yeah, that story.  Well Carl Ajello knows the story as does Kevin Kane as does the failed legal clown and play along Judge Laura Baldini.  Everyone knows that the state of Connecticut has committed a crime for the benefit of suspected pedo predator Matthew Couloute; but that will not allow justice to proceed.

The state pedo ring is sending a message.  Mothers who call out monsters who sexually abuse their kids will be hunted, will be threatened, will be abused by the power of the State and there is nothing anyone can do to protect them.  Go ahead, spend big bucks for Yale criminal defense Attorney Rachel Baird.  She can tell the court the precise errors in the false complaint, false arrest application, false warrant and false extradition.  Carl Ajello does not give a shit, nor Gail Hardy nor Kevin Kane, not even Judge Baldini.  The pedo ring wants the play toy back as she can identify Couloute’s play pals in a naked line up.  Carl Ajello has no manhood left.  At least one Marine General finds that “it’s a hell of a lot of fun to shoot” those lacking in manhood.  A way to make America great again.

So come back next month folks to see round four of Connecticut Pedo Fuckery when mom has to appear on 7 July for another dose of state sponsored harassment for being protective and an annoyance to the state pedo players.   Note mom pleads not guilty.  The manhood of the state is preparing for trial.