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Je suis Charlie

The now famous blog pays tribute to those of Charlie Hebdo in Paris who died by the hands of the insane … no, not the jews, but their brethren muslim nut jobs who also believe they are better than the rest of us. The commonality between jews and muslims is that they both hate Christians and will take any terrorist action to harm the host society. The jews of old helped get the cult of islam off the ground, as it provided the jews an ally against Christianity.

The jews won’t tolerate criticism of israel nor jokes about the holohoax; they get all hot an bothered like it is blasphemy of a chosen people. The muslim clowns go nuts over a cartoon of mohammad. Attitudes like that are just begging for attention in the modern world. Learn to turn the other cheek or suffer severely, even Homer Simpson will come after you, as will Blog.

The jews will attack freedom of expression as they do not want to be hated, but they are hated, have been hated for a long time, and will be hated until their ultimate destruction; just natural law. The muslims are like the annoying step cousin to the jew, only tolerated if there is oil under the hooves of the camel herd. Both jews and muslims have a hang up with bacon. Fine, more for the rest of us. The muslims treat women like goats, the jews treat everyone like goats. The muslims believe their ideology is to take over the world. The jews believe their ideology, banks, communism is to take over the world. Whatever, time to make fun of both. Here is a pictorial of how the jews use their muslim pals to undermine Christianity.

Hate Crime is a jewish invention, designed to undermine freedom of expression to protect the chosen, artfully manipulated to make people feel bad about burning the koran or calling a judge a fucking nigger. But as long as hate is directed at the Church, all is fine! The U.S. Constitution holds the First Amendment for a reason.

A world without mohammad’s whacked-out followers is a better place. A world without jews would be nirvana.

The trial of the muslim murderers who need to kill satirists in defense of their pathetic beliefs started this week in Paris. Western justice for terrorists, proves the French have shed their barbaric ways, as getting conquered by the Romans in 52 BC by Caesar does bring the rule of law, something still lacking today in the jewish and muslim worlds.

Maybe the modern Western world needs to whip a little jihad on mohammad’s boys. Even a Christian god recognizes that evil is not dealt with by tolerance and understanding. Taking murderers to trial for a sentence of life long food, shelter, and medicine in a French prison is hardly a deterrent to future sand crabs looking for a better life. Eye for an eye would be better justice for those who only understand violence.

Just time to kill them all. History proves these clowns don’t get better, they get worse and they make life miserable for the rest. A bunch of goat-fuckers who just can’t keep to themselves, beg their own destruction … be careful, it just might come to a glorious end.