Mulvey d’Nut

Time to take a critical look at the nut jobs in black who are responsible for the putrid quality of justice in the 3rd Department of the New York Unified Court System. Chief Justice Janet DiFiore with the bad blonde dye job runs the judiciary on an annual budget of $2.8 billion, but employs no legal brains. A court of clowns in black robes sits in Albany to ‘review’ fucked up decisions made by other clowns in black robes who sit on smaller benches. The blind reviewing the blind, the American legal scam which purports to be a state judiciary. In reality, it is little more than a welfare program for incompetent lawyers.

The so called ‘Honorable’ John C. Mulvey is an upstate woodchuck with a law degree who lives in the suburbs of Ithaca. How or why he ended up on the bench is a mystery, but more to do with political connections than intellect. Mulvey recently exposed his lack of legal knowledge in a trite case about a mother and father fighting over a rather neglected child. Mulvey pens four pages of his decision in explaining how the UCCJEA gives the family court ‘subject matter jurisdiction’ over a child. Now recall the old adage about the UCCJEA: Very few lawyers understand it, but even fewer judges. Well, Mulvey is clueless, as is his research staff of over twenty lawyers, employed to provide the legal support for the amazing rulings of the clowns in black. The judge can work on his golf game, while low-life attorneys do the research. Pretty good gig that comes with benefits!!! Reality is that the entire infrastructure of the 3rd Department cannot perform simple job functions, resulting in a most inane opinion by Mulvey. A fifth grader using google scholar would have done better.

The technical details of the underlying case are simple. Mom lives in Massachusetts, dad in Albany. Kid moves in with dad, so dad files in Albany Family Court for order to have kid live with dad. Petition filed, summons served, hearing held, order granted, kid happy, dad happy, mom’s lawyer cries foul. Taxpayers of Albany pay for four lawyers, the state pays for two. Six lawyers scam the public. Mom’s lawyer claimed Albany County Family Court lacked ‘subject matter jurisdiction’, where family court Judge Margaret T. Walsh dismissed the frivolous claim, as family court is the only forum where such matters are decided. It is even written into the State constitution. When the taxpayer is giving lawyers free money to make silly arguments, the lizards don’t leave a dime on the table.

Using more free money, Attorney Paul Connolly, makes another frivolous argument to the appellate court, claiming that the family court did not have ‘subject matter jurisdiction’ in a custody matter. Really folks? Can anyone see the scam here. Next the lawyers will be arguing against the sunrise, just to keep up payments on their BMWs. Note how the judges play along, as these frivolous arguments create employment for otherwise worthless members of society. All the lawyers in this case are being paid with public funds. Starting to see the scam? A lawyer welfare program?

Now comes the funny part, which might be a little technical for some readers, but the famous blog will try and keep it light. Judge Walsh should have torn up the motion to dismiss, sanctioned the idiot attorney and revoked his law license for being totally fucking stupid and that would have put an end to it. But no!!! Attorney Connolly, a low-life retard with a law degree whose law office is in his basement, lives off making stupid arguments for easy money. Connolly claims that Judge Walsh of the family court made an ERROR in taking up a custody matter …. did you get that? Like a bakery can’t sell bread? The scam reveals itself in Mulvey’s entertainment of Connolly’s frivolous argument. Mulvey d’Nut.

Instead of tossing Connolly’s frivolous appeal, sanctioning him and suspending his law license for arguing against the sunrise, Mulvey and his fellow clowns in black take up the argument, this being the mechanism for which public money enriches lawyers and is even kicked back to judges. After all, the judges approve Connolly’s payment. Judges Lynch, Aarons, Devine, and Colangelo all go along with the scam to bleed the taxpayer. The saddest part of Mulvey’s opinion is that it is completely wrong. He cites the argle bargle of the UCCJEA as a twisted basis for family court ‘jurisdiction’ over a child in the State. Newsflash: Family Court has jurisdiction over all the children in the State! Mulvey is a Nut.

The other technical point for the more interested blog fan is that the UCCJEA did not even apply in this case. There was no competing state fighting over the kid. Mulvey and his research staff were too stupid to realize that mother was in Massachusetts, where the UCCJEA does not exist! So why did Mulvey write four of the five page decision on the UCCJEA?? Why did the public pay six lawyers to pretend that they know the law? How did five appellate judges not know the law? Where were the twenty state employees of the court ‘research’ department under the supervision of Beth Lifshin-Clark? Who reviewed Connolly’s brief? Oversight for expense of public funds, by whom? Thirty-two nuts?

Peeling the onion back a few more layers, reveals that Albany County paid four lawyers to howl at the moon, under the supervision of Larry Rosen, a retired County Court judge who was appointed in 2014 to administer the assigned counsel program, to reign in the excessive costs of lawyers. Larry is a Jew, Larry is a dirty guy, Larry was supposed to review Attorney Connolly’s brief before it was filed with the appellate court. Larry did nothing to stop the fleecing of the taxpayer in making a foolish argument, as the Talmud encourages conflict among the gentiles. Wonder how much Larry took under the table on top of his $100k compensation? Another fox in the hen house story.

Folks, it is simple. Dumb lawyers pollute the judiciary. The dumbest lawyers on the planet practice family law. The unregulated use of public funds to pay lawyers to argue against the sunrise is just a jewish scam, and Mulvey’s opinion proves that the judges are in on it. After all, judges are lawyers, it is all a club, and you ain’t in it!

Albany County Family Court Judge Margaret Walsh, one person who actually performed her job function.
State employee, dumb lawyer, head of research at 3rd Department, Beth Lifshin-Clark.
Elizabeth Garry, PJ 3rd Department, oversees scam of lawyer feed, bleeding taxpayers in entertaining stupid arguments and issuing inane opinions.
Chief Justice Janet DiFiore, scamming the taxpayer in the name of justice.
Retired Jew Judge Larry Rosen, oversees lawyer feed from Albany County taxpayers to incompetent lawyers like Paul Connolly to argue against the rain. Always jews involved in such public scams involving lawyers.