J. Mark McQueery, Esq.

Time to highlight the jewish game in New York of using public funds to pay paedophile lawyers like J. Mark McQueery to traffic children under the Talmudic guise of ‘best interests’. The taxpayer has no clue that public dollars are funneled through the appellate courts to fund child trafficking. Each ‘department’ of the state’s intermediate appellate court has an office of overpaid attorneys to administer payments to bottom of the barrel lawyers for the sole purpose of trafficking children. What a great scam in the Empire State of Paedophiles.

For paedophile purposes, children of divorcing parents are assigned an attorney by the court, who is paid $75/hr to represent the child in a civil suit, to which the child is not a party. Sound strange? Sound like a waste of taxpayers’ money? Sound like a jewish scam on the goyim? Remember Tommy Valva had a New York AFC appointed by Judge Zimmerman. Attorney Donna Marie McCabe worked to isolate Tommy from a parent, which had a rather chilling effect on the little kid. Strange that McCabe was appointed by a jew judge … coincidence? Probably not, just paedo games played out in the secretive family court of New York.

The NY State AFC scam is huge! A cool $125 million yearly is paid to bottom tier lawyers. There are four management offices across the state which run the operation involving over two thousand child traffickers. The office directors are chosen ones: Jane R. Schreiber, Esq. in NYC, Harriet R. Weinberger, Esq, in Brooklyn, Betsy R. Ruslander, Esq, in Albany, and Linda J. Kostin, Esq, in Rochester. All jewish cunts administering a zionistic agenda within the bowels of the judiciary using state and federal funds. All these cunts report to chosen black robes appointed by the paedophile loving Governor Andrew Cuomo; the queer guy with pierced nipples. ‘Spic boy Justice Rolando T. Acosta oversees child trafficking in NYC, kike Judge Alan D. Scheinkman in Brooklyn, the dyke Judge Elizabeth A. Garry in Albany, and pedo protector Judge Gerald J. Whelan in Rochester.

The family court is the jew’s playground to destroy everything Christian about the concept of family, marriage, and children. The jews pay the likes of John Mark McQueery of Cambridge, NY to argue for the destruction of parent-child bonds. He gets $75/hr to advance the zionist agenda to separate a four-legged calf from a parent. And what interest does the State of New York have in the case? The NY Attorney General is not appearing; does not even give a shit about McQueery’s client. The black cunt Letita James is busy suing the federal government for separating children from their illegal alien parents at the southern border. So why are the sovereign people of New York paying McQueery to argue to separate children and parents in state court, while its Attorney General argues the opposite in federal court? Figure it out yet? It’s the jews!!

McQueery’s argument is strangely familiar. The mother created the child with her former husband, but has buyer’s remorse and wants to erase the father. Oi vey … just like the recent case in 1st Department where the jew AFC, Karen Freedman argued from the same script. Mom hates dad, manipulates child to hate dad, so no visitation because ‘great weight’ must be given to brainwashed child’s hatred … how jewish! McQueery adds a twist, that the mother hates dad so much, that it hurts the child to see mom’s emotional pain in knowing she created the kid with the father, so the child wants to disown dad to protect mom from her own psychosis. Did you follow that logic? If you cannot, then you are not jewish.

The Chief Justice rigs the game over the sovereignty of the people through unscrupulous use of ‘court rules’. The top cunt states how the AFCs are to advance the zionist agenda. Rule 7.2 instructs the AFC to zealously advocate for the child’s position in a custody/visitation matter. The rule of law is short circuited by a party not joined in suit; children hold no standing in a divorce matter. The suit is between the parents, but the jews create a slick mechanism to turn due process upside down by advocating a manipulated or fictitious desire of the child … like Tommy Valva wanted to sleep in the garage?

See how the jews in the four offices of Attorneys For Children wire the courts? The AFCs are trained foot soldiers of zionism, undermining any concept of Christian culture. Each appellate Department has an advisory committee made up of jews, queers, paedophiles, and psychologists to control the private paedo army. Judge Zimmerman is on such a committee … see how it works? AFC arguments are orchestrated across the state to undermine parental rights to traffic paedo play toys. Under NY divorce law, visitation is a right of a non-custodial parent. No one has standing to argue against a parental right, regardless of how much mother regrets creating the child. The courts are manipulated by misuse of public funds and zionist trickery to entertain arguments to the contrary. In reality, the State only holds power to deny visitation for the specific cause of protecting the child from harm, like by issuing a restraining order. The jews want the court to deny visitation based on mommy’s hatred of daddy. Oi vey, kikes never stop their efforts to conceal child sexual abuse and paedophile activity from the non-deviant parent.

Why would the government of a civilized society pay for an argument to destroy parent-child bonds? Oh, right, it is not the government of, by, or for, the people of a civilized society, it is just Satan working in the judiciary, advancing a very destructive agenda, beyond the control of We the people.

Don’t be surprised to learn that the four AFC Directors are card carrying members of the AFCC, the notorious national jewish organization that preys on children, started by jew judge, the Hon. Roger Alton Pfaff, in a Los Angeles courthouse back in 1963. The jews are the engineers of ‘no fault’ divorce, invented family court, and they train all the players on child trafficking. Jews love paedophilia and all its deviant benefits; fits right in with LBGTIQ&P! Just another stripe in the rainbow.

In full public view, the nipple-pierced governor’s publicly funded child trafficking organization goes from his diseased dick to Chief Justice Janet DiFiore, to dyke appellate Judge Elizabeth Garry, to jew lawyer Betsy Ruslander to paedophile J. Mark McQueery to isolate a little girl in Cambridge from a parent. The jewish argument will be made by the child trafficker before Justice Garry on 21 May. Tune in, to see public funds at work …. for the jews.

Tommy Valva, victim of New York’s Attorney for the Child program.
Harriet Weinberger, Head Child Trafficker of 2nd Department, responsible for the demise of Tommy Valva.
NY Attorney General Letitia James, no interest in separated NY children,
just ‘spics at the southern boarder. Another of Cuomo’s queers protecting the state paedo ring.
J. Mark McQuerrey, pedophile AFC, paid by NY State to traffic children.