GAL Billing Scam

Once upon a time, in the garden of good and evil, Elliot N. Solomon, sat upon a nice park bench, reading his Talmud.  Along came Lucifer on a stroll, looking for ways to destroy Christian beliefs and undermine the humanity of mankind.  Elliot and Lucifer struck up a conversation and quickly realized their love of raping children.  Lucifer had the power of evil and Elliot held power over a lawless family court system, together they could create a perfect evil under the name of law.  The mutual love was bubbling from both.  Lucifer lifted up Elliot, bent him over the bench and sodomized him until the ground shook.  At climax, Lucifer’s seed, combined with Elliot’s feces, deep in his bowels conceiving the evil Attorney Mary Brigham.  A miscreant born of Elliot’s ass, so sinister and so despicable that jew Joette Katz had to anoint her with immunity for protection against humankind.

Yes, folks, that is the story of how Mary Piscatelli Brigham came to be Lucifer’s hand as a Connecticut Superior Court guardian ad litem, shielded with jewish immunity handed down from the State Supreme Jews, to do the dark evil of the underworld.  Her latest evil doings are against two gifts from God, Evie and Sophie Grohs.  Acting in Lucifer’s best interest to destroy the Christian world, Brigham acts to ensure that Evie and Sophie have not hugged their mother in the last thirteen months.  In direct violation of state law, 46b-56(b), requiring consistent contact between parent and child, the princess of darkness charges the mother $5700 for services of the devil.  Under the protection of Judge Anna Ficeto, a Catholic working for the devil, Brigham bills for her services, clearly documented to William Grohs in twelve pages going back twenty one months for over $51,000; showing how the devil works in family court.  See the invoice here.

It does take a village of evil lawyers and judges to abuse the children who come to a Christian society as gifts from God.  Brigham is appointed by the evil Judge Ficeto, who is trained by the jew king of family court, Judge Elliot Solomon, who arranged for sister jew, Judge Joette Katz to confer the devil’s immunity upon GALs like Brigham, who work closely with dickheads like Attorney Michael Fasano to represent pedophiles like William J. Grohs to use children as mechanisms of revenue generation, tools of the devil and for the promotion of Solomon’s beloved zionism in attacking Christianity ….all under the color of Connecticut State Law!!!

The jew game of family court is all about money, the Catholic Judge Ficeto wants her cut of the GAL fee, so the Catholic Attorney Brigham gets to threaten a mother with jail for $5,651.14 in ‘fees’ for keeping Evie and Sophie out of mother’s arms for over a year.  See the order of Judge Ficeto here.  Pay up, or go to jail, the jews want money, your kids are just toys, law does not matter, pedophiles rule the bench….but money is priority #1.

The sheeple of Connecticut cannot see past the black robes and pretense of law, that the family court is merely the devil’s playground, staffed by his dark army of lost souls.  The discretion of the jewdicial monsters on the family bench is merely Lucifer’s dark hand preying on children to the glee of the pedophiles running the miscreant Family Bar Association.  One must give pause for the thoughts of the ‘reasonable person’.  Would not a reasonable person see the abuse of power in the name of the devil, the destruction of the rule of law, the undermining of civilized society by Judge Solomon and his pedophile pals?  As the colonists put horse thieves to the noose, would the modern reasonable person not rise up to protect children from the evil of Brigham, Fasano, Solomon, Ficeto?  Burning at the stake, as for witches?  Beheading, as for sins against Ahalla?  Or just the business end of a .308 deer rifle, as for like….well, deer?  F35 smart bombs and death rays from the space station, optional.  Woodchipper, a state classic!  But winter is coming, so there is always a big snow plow and the smattering of a luxury car and its evil contents to pray for.  Maybe even the scourge of cancer?  A righteous God works in mysterious ways.

Take a good look at the invoice, all the descriptions of the professional services performed by Lucifer’s daughter to keep Evie and Sophie isolated from their mother, even the billing over this blog!  The hand of the devil rules Family Court in full view of the Christian people who occupy Connecticut.  In the garden of Good & Evil, there is a balance to nature.  Winter is coming.

When the children can no longer be protected, society has failed; when the judges become the enemy, revolution is at hand.  Jailing poor people under the color of law by pedophiles who victimize children does give the reasonable person cause to take up arms against tyranny.

Doubtful that Judge Ficeto will get a vote in the House for reappointment, looks like she has signed her own resignation letter from the bench.

Karma plow.  Winter is coming.