Julie R. Fasano, Esq.

Ready for some more bullshit?  Here comes Attorney Julie R. Fasano, piling on, abuse mom and ignore the practice book game of false legal services.  Another stupid cunt of the Connecticut Bar with an attitude that she can fuck up a mother at any time just because daddy money bags is a client of the family law firm Duffy&Fasano.  But she does it with such empathy.  Just read the bullshit on her inbred family law firm’s webpage:

Caring. Responsive. Effective. Attorney Julie Fasano has established a track record with her clients of honesty, responsiveness and experienced legal representation. Her focus practice areas include residential and commercial real estate, probate, wills and personal injury.

But not today.  This skunk of the Bar had the mother in Grohs v Grohs served this morning with a demand for a deposition on every aspect of mom’s financial struggles.  For some strange reason, centered on Cunt Fasano’s lack of legal knowledge, she is charging daddy William Grohs, $300/hr to engage in frivolous activities designed solely to harass and intimidate a pro se mother.  All part of Cancerous Cunt Mary Brigham’s abusive plan to separate mother from babies.  Real issue is that Duffy&Fasano is such a low life law firm that it can’t survive on limited revenue from doing professional legal work for clients with bonafide legal issues.

So Julie Fasano is collaborating with Mary Brigham to take down a mother for $$$ from twisted daddy with mental defect.  Why not use Julie?  She is so caring, honest and experienced in ignoring the rules of practice.  In family matters there is a simple mechanism to provide sworn disclosure of financial matters, it is called the Financial Affidavit and it comes in two sizes,  Big one for rich folks, little one for poor folks.  There is no need for marshals to serve subpoenas on Saturday mornings.  There is no need for depositions.  Charging $300/hr to ask the questions on the form is a revenue trick of a pathetic lawyer.  There is no need to grill a mother on how she struggles to make ends meet.  The financial affidavit issued by the court covers all information required by the court.  Since Julie the nuthead does not focus her practice on family matters, perhaps she should acknowledge she is practicing outside her area of competence in violation of Rules of Professional Conduct.

What would happen if someone decided to attack Julie Fasano’s mothering and legal skills?  Would she scream and shout?  Claim harassment and abuse?  Claim violation of children?  Call the police?  Lose her mind that someone is trying to steal her kids? Of course she would.  But she is a lawyer paid to fuck over a mother in family court, so she has a license to kill and steal.

Let’s take a look at what Julie needs to fuck up a mother.  Oh, six years of past tax returns….how special.  William Grohs, Julie’s mentally deranged client never produced even two years of tax returns.  So much for full, fair and frank disclosure required in family law and set down in the practice book.  Julie can’t spell case law nor practice rule, that’s what William gets for $300/hr…..a clueless cunt with a law degree and a nose for money.

Julie needs seventy two months worth of bank statements, images of all checks on any type account, all W2’s, 1099’s…..for the last seventy two fucking months?.  The Chief Court Administrator did not make this a requirement of financial disclosure for family court, what legal purpose does Julie cite for such irrelevant information?  Oh, right, none, she is just trying to fuck up mom, frighten her, harass her, intimidate her for no purpose at law…..other than child trafficking.

Then Julie the Jew asks the mother for the court specified Financial Affidavit, which mother has already filed with the court.  Julie even notes that she deposed mother in November of last year.  Is this a ritual?  Protracted litigation, repetitive depositions, frivolous discovery?  All cancelled checks for the last seventy two months….that is a record breaker for family court insanity.  Two depositions in seven months?  Same questions?

So let’s watch Julie shit a brick when the mother comes after dad’s lawyer for failing full, fair and frank disclosure rule of litigation, motion for sanctions, motion to produce six years of William Grohs federal tax returns along with financial statements of William Grohs Aviation, Inc.  Everything that Julie is asking for, she has to provide in return.  Did Julie just open the door to dad’s felony tax evasion prosecution by the feds?

Cousin, state senator Len Fasano was spot on when he stated that family law is a network of good ole boys playing families for revenue.  Even his cousin Julie and her hubby Michael are in on the racket…a family racketeering business.