Midler has no argument!

The latest twist in the Jennifer Dulos divorce drama before Judge Donna Heller is that there is no drama and no money left for big fat jewish lizard Reuben S. Midler, Esq. The scam is up for our favorite jewish judge of the family court, Donna Heller. She refused to issue Jen a simple and quick no fault divorce, preferring to drag out the family drama to allow lawyers Michael Meehan and Reuben Midler to run up their bills to drain Jen’s bank. As lawyers can only bill by the hour, it takes a lot of hours to get a million bucks out of Jen. Hubby Fotis is moving to dismiss the divorce action by his wife as she has not shown up to court since May. Judge Heller has to face the reality, there is no bank of Jen to feed the lawyers, the game is over.

Problem for the jew boy Midler is that he does not have a client, or more precisely he does not have a paying client. He has no source of funds to keep up the charade of zealous advocacy before Heller’s bench. Now jew Midler pleads to the jew Heller to order gentile Fotis to pay his legal fees so he can argue against dismissing the divorce case that lacks a wife. He is not arguing on behalf of his client, who was whacked, dismembered and disposed of back in May. Gone girl is gone client for Midler. The widower Fotis is no longer in need of a divorce. Midler is aruging for money. How to spell f-r-i-v-o-l-o-u-s !!!!

The Jews of Connecticut Family Court never stop a case when there is any source of money at hand. Don’t be surprised if Judge Heller orders invasion of the kids’ college funds to pay for Midler and side kick Michael Meehan. Judge Heller is such a jewish cunt that there have been forty-three motions filed after Jen’s demise and ten court orders issued. No plaintiff, no case, but the jew lawyers keep on billing away and the jew judge plays along. Only in Corrupticut. The jews of family court will keep fucking you over, long after you are dead.

Read Dave Altimari’s latest update on the Dulos Drama in the Hartford Courant here. Dave glosses over the facts that Fotis Dulos is accused of crimes, but has not been found guilty but somehow his children have been taken from him in a court proceeding which he did not attend…a due process violation to say the least. But Connecticut is well known for stealing children, especially when lawyers like Annie Dranginis from the evil jew law firm of Pullman&Comley are involved. The State has no right to steal a man’s children just because the State Police ‘believe’ that he murdered his wife…but that would only be in a proper state under the rule of law, not the Nutmeg cesspool.

Fotis appeals the Probate Court order that stole his kids in Juvey on 9 January, which is not open to the public. Reuben Midler will be begging Judge Heller for money to pay for his fat ass to engage in a pointless argument about a client whom he has not seen since May. Judge Heller will demonstrate how stupid she really is in a public hearing where the cameras will be rolling. This is likely to be her last appearance on the bench as she is up for re-appointment in February before a legislature who has lost patience with the family court’s antics and incompetent judges like Heller.

How will Judge Heller survive questioning by the judiciary committee? Two years of litigation, $1.7M in legal fees where Heller never issued the simple no-fault divorce. Heller won’t survive the hearing…bring popcorn!!!

Reuben Midler demands money from Fotis Dulos to argue to keep Jen’s divorce case going…jew game.
Jew Judge Heller, dragged out Jen’s divorce case for two years….until it killed her.
Client of the worst lawyer in Connecticut.
Popcorn! Goes with watching family court dramas!!!