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Cruel & Unusual

Tommy Valva died at the hands of an unconstitutional act by a jewish judge of the State of New York. What type of society uses children as weapons of punishment against a mother? Only a society ruled by gruesome jewish tyrants in black robes wielding the power of the Talmud over the goyim. Kundry could not have scripted a more biblical drama. The jewish judge enraged by the Catholic mother, a four legged goy not bowing deeply enough before the rabbinical court, Talmud law required punishment. The jew stripped the goy of her four legged calves and barred her from hugging them. The wrath of the jew prevailed as an order of the New York Supreme Court.

Buh, buh, but, wait … using children as weapons of punishment against a mother … that is cruel & unusual punishment which is barred by the Eighth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution; ‘nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.’ Judge Zimmerman stated on the record that she was upset with the mother for not keeping prompt appointments ordered by the court. A trivial point unrelated to the divorce matter before the Nassau County Supreme Court of the 10th Judicial District, where the best interests of the children are the paramount judicial concern. But obviously not to the jew in the black robe. Zimmerman’s paramount concern was attacking the Catholic mother for being Catholic and she did exactly that, for no purpose in law, without jurisdictional authority, Zimmerman imposed punishment on the mother by taking the kids away. The sovereign people of the State confer no such power upon the court. Zimmerman’s wrath came from her belief in the Talmud, not from powers of law.

In secular technical terms of New York State law, the court’s parens patriae power over children allows the court to strip a parent of custody only in protection of the child. No such petition, notice or summons was before the court to protect Tommy and his brothers from any cited harmful act of the mother, that would be ‘due process’ which does not exist in a rabbinical court of jewdicial authority who farts on the Bill of Rights. Oi vey, the jews have done it again!!

New York family law is pretty well settled over the last century, lots of case law, lots of limitations that jew judges routinely ignore. Zimmerman’s custody strip was followed with a bar to visitation, for no cause stated. New York holds a very high hurdle for a judge to deny visitation to mother, it is a ‘drastic decision’ to deny hugs. Visitation is a legal ‘right’ reserved to the non-custodial parent and the children. New York considers separation of mother and child to be abominable and inconsistent with Christian societal values. The NY AG even sued the federal government to prove their Christian beliefs. The court must hold evidence that hugs from mom cause harm to the children. Zimmerman held no such evidence and ignored the requirements of law. Let’s face it, there was no law being applied in the court, even the lawyers knew it, but they act as zionist foot soldiers, taking fees in return for remaining silent when judges shred the Constitution and send children to chilling deaths. Even Zimmerman’s feeble law clerk, Angela Ruffini dances to the jew’s tune, in defiance of law.

As New York Courts use federal funds, under the demonic control of Chief Judge Janet DiFiore, Judge Zimmerman acting outside judicial purpose to strip custody and deny visitation absent due process, while inflicting cruel & unusual punishment, these civil rights deprivations being the proximate cause of Tommy’s death, there is federal cause to arrest and prosecute Judge Zimmerman for criminal conduct. Judicial immunity simply does not apply to Talmudic rulings in a constitutional court.

Richard P. Donoghue is the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, the Chief Federal Law Enforcement Officer for the District where jew Zimmerman violated the civil rights of a Catholic mother under the color of state divorce law, while using federal funds, leading to the death of Tommy. Mr. Donoghue is a veteran of the Army’s famed 82nd Airborne, whose nickname is ‘America’s Guard of Honor’. Let’s see if he can execute honor for Tommy and bring Zimmerman to justice, lest vigilantes take up the task.

Bishop Andrzej Jerzy Zglejszewski at St. Elizabeth Catholic Church said during Tommy’s funeral mass “Let’s be honest, our system failed him. Our legal and social system failed him. We make our system. We elect our officials. We failed him. What happened? What went wrong?”

In honest answer to the Bishop’s question to what went wrong … the Jew went wrong and it was criminal.

The Jew went wrong…