Heller Won’t Stop

Judge Heller won’t stop! She dragged Jen Dulos through two years of pointless litigation with an adulterous husband making her pay over $1.6M not to obtain a ‘no fault’ divorce, ultimately ending in Jen’s murder by Fotis. But it has not ended. On 7 January, Connecticut declared Jen dead by arresting her murderer, hubby Fotis. But Judge Heller, presiding stooge over the divorce trial has a hearing scheduled on 21 January regarding a pleading by the foul, ugly and rather obese Attorney Reuben Midler for his motion to invade the children’s trust funds for another helping of undeserved legal fees to keep the divorce litigation going … a.k.a. his gravy train.

You read that correctly. The State has declared Jen dead and family court is still going strong, looking to plunder family savings for more litigation. Remember folks, the difference between a hooker and a lawyer is that the hookers stop fucking you when you die. Family court does not care if mom is dead, only that there is money to keep stuffing the pockets of lawyers and judges. Even slime ball Michael Meehan is coming to court to ask Judge Heller to hand out some more of the children’s money to fund his dishonest game of being the guardian ad litem to five motherless children. Can you spell j-e-w-i-s-h?

In reality, when a litigant in a family case dies, the court instantly loses its jurisdiction over the dispute, as the court cannot adjudicate a dispute of one person. Pretty simple shit, but unfortunately, the jewish family court is about money, not law, not due process and certainly not the kids … unless they have money. Watch the jews in action about a divorce for a corpse and and widower on 21 January before Judge Donna Heller.

Editor’s Note: The now famous blog cannot make this shit up!

Jen is dead, but her divorce case is still being litigated!
Judge Heller has not drained all the money out of Jen…yet!
Jew Boy Midler’s client is dead, but he is still billing legal fees for a divorce for the corpse.
Attorney Meehan, practices family law because it is easy money!!