Naming Names

The First Amendment protects the public’s right to scrutiny of the government of the people, by the people and for the people. But today’s press is so scared to actually ‘report’ on an issue that it is next to worthless. In the story of the death of Tommy Valva in Suffolk County, New York, we see a timid press, acting under advice of its own internal lawyers to protect those officials who were the proximate cause of the frozen child. If we, as Americans claim freedoms held in the Constitution, then it is high time we exercised same. If we, as Americans pay government officials to protect children who fail miserably at the task, then we, as Americans have duty to root out the culpably negligent state actors. Time to start naming names.

First we have Judge Zimmerman, an incompetent fool in a black robe who initiated the freezing of Tommy in September 2017, by ordering that he live with the abusive dad. There is cause to suspect that dad was using the kids for unspeakable purposes and that Judge Zimmerman was directed by his protectors to give him the kids. It is not an unusual application of ‘family law’ to use the cover of a divorce to traffic children for the benefit of the local pedo ring. Zimmerman even slapped mom with a restraining order to keep her from the children; pedos love that! Long Island is not a land of purity. Child traffickers and pedophiles inhabit the area and are protected from high above. Time to run Zimmerman out of town on a rail. Tar and feathers would also be a nice touch.

Look for the children’s law guardian, Attorney Donna Marie McCabe to be hiding under a rock with the cash she took to stand idly by and watch Judge Zimmerman act outside the law. Her office at 1305 Franklin Ave Ste 200, Garden City, NY will be closing soon.

While the boys were under the dark hand of abusive dad, living on Bittersweet Lane, they attended East Moriches Elementary School. The professionals under the direction of principal Mr. Edward Schneyer made twenty calls to state and county child protection services about problems with the boys, from missing school to signs of beatings, cuts, bruises, hunger, filth and urine-soaked clothing. The head of special education, Ms. Michele Pepey, wrote “Not allowed to eat breakfast because they did not use their manners.” Of course, the overpaid professionals at the elementary school accomplished nothing, but happily cashed their paychecks with the blessing of superintendent Dr. Charles Russo while referring to mother as having ‘mental’ issues. After all, punishment by denial of food is just the norm for Charles Russo and his minions.

The bureaucracy of modern society is replete with documentation of the plight of the soon to be frozen child. The Suffolk County child protective services case worker, Lydia Sobosto, wrote that the situation “did not rise to level of immediate or impending danger of serious harm. No controlling interventions are necessary at this time.” Those overpaid and highly trained county employees know how to write bullshit that sounds impressive, but simply states that they don’t give a fuck. All overseen and approved by Randall J. Ratje, County Attorney for Suffolk Department of Social Services. A pedo puppet who argued to keep the child victims with the abuser. Of course Annette Mahoney-Cross, the director of CPS, did exactly what she was told to do … which was not to do her job. “I try to handle everything I do with a little humor.” she says. Yeah, who is laughing now?

Note that abusive daddy, who had an excuse for everything was an officer in the New York City Police Department, the thin blue thug line. So where was Internal Affairs? Daddy was well known for using hookers on the job, sending dick pics and other nefarious tricks. Surely the abuse complaints in Suffolk County were known to NYPD, what did they do … nothing! Of course, cops are special! See how the cops protect each other? NYPD cop gets dragged to court for a neglect proceeding and Internal Affairs does nothing? To protect and serve pedophiles!

Now enter two more family court judges, Bernard Cheng and Joseph Lorintz who were both aware of punishment by sleeping in the garage, but blamed mother for everything. Typical pedo judge. The great trick of family court is that when mom makes a complaint against a pedo, the court finds it is unsubstantiated, then punishes mom for making the ‘false’ allegation, as she is just crazy, has mental health issues and is being vindictive against her x-husband. Classic! Kids get raped.

The sucker award goes to the people of Suffolk County who pay out big bucks to employ the most incompetent idiots to perform simple tasks. So naive are these residents to believe there is competence in a pedo run government, where a child can be frozen to death in a garage at 11 Bittersweet Lane, when all the key players knew about it. Time to purge Suffolk County of its pedo mafia that sacrifices children for the pleasure of their members while maligning mothers.

Suffolk County CPS Director Annette Mahoney-Cross, culpable negligence.

Randall J. Ratje, attorney for County DSS, ignored warnings, advocated passionately for father, ensuring a gruesome death.

Judge Bernard Cheng, Suffolk family court child trafficker and pedo protector.

Judge Joseph Lorintz, child trafficker, pedo protector.

The jew in charge, Judge Hope A. Schwartz-Zimmerman, outside the law, rules by the Talmud.

Tommy Valva, a frozen popsicle for the asses of all the pedos that conspired to kill him. Karma is coming!