Who is the next woman with money to be swindled and murdered in Connecticut Family Court?

Jennifer Farber Dulos, 50 year old, mother of five was murdered on 24 May 2019 by her adulterous, psycho hubby Fotis Dulos. A tragic dark tale played out under the twisted jewish game of Connecticut family court. Jen filed for divorce on 20 June 2017, two years before her bloody murder in the garage of her home at 69 Welles Lane in New Canaan. A simple application to the State for a ‘no fault’ divorce from an adulterous and abusive husband should have been granted in less than three months. The case was simple, the entire family lived off the generosity of the maternal grandparents, Gloria and Hilliard Farber. Neither spouse had a job with a paycheck. The bankrupt business, The Fore Group, was bankrupt. The divorce case was simple. No assets to divide, mom was only source of support for the kids, so they live with her, visitation to dad, a child support order would have to wait until dad got a real job, alimony was required, owed to mom, but it would be a court order to get blood from a stone. There was nothing that the court needed to do, other than to issue the decree to dissolve the marriage. But there was a problem, family court smelled money around Jen, lots of money. This was going to be a very long, drawn out divorce proceeding to allow lawyers and court vendors to rape and pillage Jen’s bank account. Two years and $1.6M later, Jen is dead and the divorce not granted.

So who is next? What unsuspecting vagina with money is going to file for a quick no-fault divorce and end up murdered like Jen? Where are the state’s violence against women advocates to profess outrage at the way the court denied Jen a simple and necessary divorce? Where is the criminal investigation by the FBI on the racketeering game played out before Judge Donna Heller, which put so much money into the pockets of Attorney Reuben Midler, Attorney Michael Meehan, Dr. Stephen Herman, Dr. Stephen Humphrey, Not to mention the kickbacks to the judge herself. Why something so simple dragged on so long and ended so tragically….money and the jewish love for it.

Heller’s term as a judge is up in February 2020, just over four months away. Where is the feminist outrage of the Connecticut vaginas, screaming for the head of this judge? Who will come before the Judiciary Committee on behalf of Jen? Who will call out the monsters in black robes for the death of a mother of five? Who will call out the scam of the simple administrative state function of dissolving a ‘marriage’? Will the clowns of the Judiciary Committee vote to put Heller back on the bench without mentioning Jen? Hope no one notices? Execute the direction from above…the bidding of the jewish ruling elite? Watch how the lawyers on this committee maneuver to avoid the issue. What about the legislature? Cancel the vote in the Assembly? A moment of silence for the court execution of Jen?

If Heller is to get her sorry ass kicked off the bench, the women of Connecticut better find their voices. The local media has been silenced on the miscarriage of justice. The press is not permitted to criticize its masters. The reporters at the Courant, who sit in the Stamford courthouse covering the criminal story, ignore the precipitating drama from Heller’s court. Dave Altimari, Josh Kovner, Nicholas Rondinone do not mention why the court denied Jen a speedy divorce. Silence. No news outlet in Connecticut has taken up investigative journalism to expose the miscarriage of justice that led to Jen’s death. A complacent society will surely assassinate the next vagina with money that foolishly enters family court to dissolve her marriage to a closet psychopath.

Of more technical interest is that lack of scrutiny paid to the judicial game of believing the psycho-babble of court whores like Dr. Stephen Herman, Dr. Stephen Humphrey, Dr. Sidney Horowitz, Dr. Bruce Freedman, all who suck money out of unsuspecting litigants in return for appeasing judicial clowns like Heller, Albis, Adelman, Bozzuto, Solomon, Wetstone, Epstein, Pinkus, Gold, Murphy, Munro, Prestley and the like. No basis in science, just cold hard cash to pay for twisted opinions like Jen is bad and Fotis is good.

So who is next? You?

Who will Judge Heller kill next?