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Aldrich Fired!

The jewish whore of Westport, the nasty evil Nancy Aldrich has been fired by her client, pedo Christopher Ambrose in the pathetic jewish financial family court feast of Ambrose v Ambrose. Attorney Nancy Aldrich has been raping the Ambrose family bank since July 2019, a hot gravy train running for a thousand days finally comes to an abrupt stop. Christopher Ambrose filed his own appearance, kicking out the jew cunt who has done nothing but bleed the family dry while pretending to secure a simple, administrative, no-fault divorce for the minor attracted father.

Christopher Ambrose and Nancy Aldrich were a match made in hell. A father of demented psychosis with deviant sexual preferences for latino boys with short haircuts, a fondness for Barbershops, a deep rooted hatred of his own children matched up with a jew whore of the family court, connected to jew judges, jew GALs, jew psychologists who worship big bank accounts. Raping the childhood of Mia, Matthew, and Sawyer generating huge fees for the jews.

The drama continues, with one less jew, where child abusing daddy will continue his quest to completely destroy childhood, save what little money he has left, plead to jew Judge Adelman he has no income, that he should not have to pay outstanding invoices to jew Aldrich and Hurwitz, that it is best for the children to be permanently psychologically damaged and emotionally harmed to satisfy his demented ego in inflicting harm on a family he does not love. The drama of Christopher Ambrose is tragic. Blog peanut gallery munches popcorn, waiting for the plot twist where demented daddy has a psychotic episode, modifies an AR15 to full auto, sprays his ex-lawyer’s office, then reloads his high capacity magazine spraying Jocelyn Hurwitz when she demands her unpaid $80k, then sticks the barrel in his mouth eliminating his head demons once and for all. Splatter the brain, eliminate the psychosis. Blog luvs happy endings!!!

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