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Jewish Forensic Fraud

Dr. Marc Abrams, snake-oil salesman, jewdicial pet of the NY family court system claims he performs FORENSIC PSYCHOLOGY for the court, predicting the unpredictable, for shekels, applying joo voo doo, to provide baseless, biased, independent opinions of parents he does not know, and children he does not understand. Abrams has no purpose in life other than to talk to fools who wish to listen, he cannot prescribe any medicine, just spoken word, his opinions are not based in science, he is licensed by the state, from whose authority comes truth, he has no means to measure, test, conclude, there is no process for him to present a ‘diagnosis’ in family court, he just runs his mouth, providing evil opinions that do nothing but rape childhoods, filling his pockets with shekels, a true jew, playing a jew game, in full public view. The now-famous Blog asks to see this magic, independent, joo voo doo opinion provided in the Kassenoff case, a fine example of FORENSIC PSYCHOLOGY, purposely hidden from public scrutiny, a jewish defeat of First Amendment protections of a free people … but hey, it is a rabbinical court, operating under edicts of the talmud, eschewing constitutional principles.

AbramNut made himself famous by FORENSICALLY claiming Catherine Kassenoff had to be isolated from her daughters, no hugs, no phone calls, just a jew’s opinion, bought with $32k of shekels, a venomous opinion designed to inflict emotional pain and suffering, a kosher delicacy served up in rabbinical court. Abram’s necessity for severing mother-daughter bonds was not shared by NY State, no petition to strip mom of custody in protection of a child, no claim of unfitness, just family court jewery, devoid of strict scrutiny. According to NYS Court of Appeals, there is no cause to entertain a custody fight, as the court is to act as a wise, affectionate, and careful parent, which excludes use of a jew like Abrams; snake oil is not good for kids.

The court in exercising jurisdiction upon petition does not proceed upon the theory that the petitioner, whether father or mother, has a cause of action against the other or indeed against any one. He acts as parens patriae to do what is best for the interest of the child. He is to put himself in the position of a wise, affectionate, and careful parent, and make provision for the child accordingly.

In the case of Kassenoff v Kassenoff the rabbinical court eschews the high court’s directive, tearing the family apart, in no one’s best interests, draining family bank, enriching vultures, permanently scarring three daughters, victims of state sponsored child abuse. Presently, Dr. Abrams attempts to justify his joo voo doo done on the family, objecting to online reviews with a canned statement that only a jew would think changes the reality of his quackery:

I am assuming that this is another “review” based upon the Kassenoff matter. I recommend that you go to the website for some more balanced information in the matter. I frankly wish everyone could go through the entire court file. Any rational person, after reviewing the totality of the information that the courts considered, would not only concur with the actions, but would be reaching out and apologizing to the people who are being unjustly vilified. I would suggest you need therapy.

Remember there is no definition of FORENSIC PSYCHOLOGY, there is no science behind it, psychobabble is quackery, its origins are found in a jewish need for authority in guise of medicine to support kike need to rape children, foundations rest in the Frankfurt School, a yeshiva expelled from Germany by Christians, in protection of children, on collapse of the Weimer Republic , the yeshiva found rebirth in NYC as the New School For Social Research, aided by jews of Columbia University, from which the scam of psychobabble spread across jewmerika. Abrams is a jewish fraud with a fake degree, lacking credible references, making headlines again in the FrankReport. Now-famous Blog reminds loyal readers that jew ideology promotes ‘custody evaluations’, mere biased opinions of retards, no science, no methodology, just snake oil, as documented by R.E. Emery, PhD and pals, in published paper calling custody evals a scam; singularly a jewish scam. Abrams’ professional opinion in the Kassenoff case is tossed word-salad masquerading as authoritative ‘evaluation’ to a jewish protocol of fucking over kids, delivering purchased opinions, on which a jew judge can rule to rape childhood, severing constitutionally protected mother-daughter bonds.

Blog philosophy department questions the humanity of Abrams for suggesting that isolating the fruit of the womb from a mother can be a good thing. Why would a NYS court appointee promote ideology alien to the human condition, if not for a poison jewish agenda? Incarcerated parents get to hug kids, at state and federal expense, what is the kosher sauce in family court that makes isolation so purposeful? Is Abrams just Satan in human form? Will a wooden stake thru the heart void his AFCC membership?

Editor’s Note:  The kike game of concealing the forensic work product is proof of jewish deception, hiding their destructive work from a sovereign people, a First Amendment violation, depriving public scrutiny of jewdicial rape of law. The jew in his essential self is injurious to all.

Kassenoff girls, childhood raped by Abrams and Lubell, jewish ideology alien to state case law.