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Routinely Threatened!

The now-famous Blog is accused of making threats against the commie chink, subversive Willy Tong, puppet Attorney General of gulag Connecticut. Oi vey, what the jews will do to attack the First Amendment in effort to subdue the goy’s pesky rights. Nice to see Tong can claim his ‘routine threats’ with a straight face and slanted eyes. A commie chink acting as the state’s lawyer should brush up on definitions of threats and harassment.

Opining the little yellow bastard would serve the Tree of Liberty well by going feet first thru an industrial woodchipper is protected speech in the land of the free and the home of the brave. Tong has no clue, he is not American, he does not understand what founded the country, that his whining, sniveling complaints of public free expression is not his job function. An actor on a public stage has no recourse to the hiss of disappointed audiences. If Tong abhors criticism of his putrid official performance, perhaps he should not seek election. If his lack of constitutional fortitude brings about distress for his sorry chink ass and his pathetic family, perhaps he should leave the stage.

Tong’s word salad is some good shit. Almost sounds legit, but it is jew speak for silencing ‘we the people’ in derogation of rights … the mark of the beast, the evil monsters who walk among us for the sole purpose of destroying the enlightened society.

I am currently the subject of threats and intimidation, there is a website ‘familycourtcircus’ in which I am routinely threatened.

Commissar Tong

Tong represents the jewdicary, all the family court judges who operate outside the boundaries of due process taking children from mothers. Tong supports tyrannical abuse by the Judicial Branch under big nigger boy Robinson. Chink boy’s jew game was obvious during his time as chair of the judiciary committee. He is a puppet to the jewish ruling elite. A chink and a nigger conspire to traffic children for unspeakable horrors, but Tong feels ‘routinely threatened’. Gimme a break! C’mon man! When there is no redress, the people take up the Second Amendment in defense of rights. A well regulated militia of mothers, hunts down Tong, beats him with rolling pins, cracks his skull with irons, removes his skin with lemon peelers, filets his dick with pairing knives, shoves his balls down his throat, in full view of his miserable wife and kids, payback for the inhumanity he promotes with nigger Robinson in family court. In the end his own kids will realize the true evil of their father.

When the people take up arms against Tong’s form of government, he will perish in the flames of freedom. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of all who threaten it. No mercy for those who sacrifice children to alien political agendas. For society to survive, people like Tong must perish. Sowing seeds of terrorism in gardens of Patriots is unwise. Tong’s abuse of office, disregard for the Constitution, love of pedophilia, obedience to his jewish masters will cause his own destruction; Blog will have little to do with it. Natural law works in protection of its own. Tong is merely a self-marked terrorist, an enemy of children.
Watch commie chink Tong whine about Blog
Tong the natural manure.