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The now-famous Blog highlights the professional legal incompetence of Darong Hultman, a so called lawyer, educated at George Mason Law, who cannot count to First Amendment.  Executing her official duties of her publicly funded prosecutor job, she commits an act of terrorism, fraudulently requesting sealing of a search warrant for 60 days to conceal government misconduct from ‘we the people’.  D’wrong signed court pleadings, certifying she read the papers, she made reasonable inquiry, matters are grounded in fact, warranted by good faith claim, and not interposed for any improper purpose … bullshit!

D’wrong blew it out her ass in spectacular fashion, while shredding the First Amendment, conspiring with sworn law enforcement dickhead of jewish ancestry.  D’wrong conceals from court that her pleading is on complaint of a retarded state trooper in Connecticut, that the Virginia state trooper is not educated, that neither can count to First, that neither had read U.S. v Cassidy, that state SWAT teams are not for jewish retaliation against citizens for exercise of constitutionally protected rights.  D’wrong is just one stupid cunt, no brains, but qualifying skin color to have a job she can’t perform; paycheck sponge.  D’wrong makes false claim that perjured affidavit must be sealed for two months, hidden from scrutiny of the sovereign, for singular cause of protecting the integrity of an investigation hunting free speech, a witch hunt by jews.  Oi vey, word salad!  D’wrong uses public funds, while incompetently conspiring with other imbeciles, to rope the Circuit Court of Virginia into criminal conduct of deprivation of rights.  A violation of the 14th Amendment, a crime under the Third Enforcement Act of 1871, nicknamed the Ku Klux Klan Act.  Given that her boss is Steve Descano, the Soros puppet, a theme is exposed, silencing free expression is a jew game promoted by Soros money.  Oaths of office, rules of professional conduct, character, integrity, honorable profession, all mean nothing to lizard lawyers like D’wrong, colleagues Dennis Somech, and Chris Worthington; trashing the Bill of Rights is a jewish delicacy.

Beware of lawyers like D’wrong, domestic enemies of the Constitution, danger to society and themselves.  When the government attacks the rights of the people there is tyranny.  Sic Semper Tyrannis!  Tyrants get a Virtus foot stomp on their throats, lose the crown, maybe disbarred as well.  Those who hunt free speech qualify as manure to refresh the Tree of Liberty.

The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is it’s natural manure. TJ 1787.


Public is not amused by incompetent government employees flaunting their skin color, minority attitude, no brains.