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Dumb Black Female

Dumb black female in a black robe on a bench slaughters First Amendment, because she is a dumb black female.  The now-famous worst Blog is being hunted by dumb nigger Tania Saylor of Virginia’s 19th Circuit Court.  Blog is tickled to be the desire of jewdicial retaliation against free goy expression in the name of nigger tyranny under Virginia’s pretentious state motto SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS!  That the first ever dumb black female of the Circuit bench has fingered Blog for ‘communicating threats of bodily harm’.  The FIRST AMENDMENT has been slayed!  Criticize your masters and feel the wrath of flying monkeys!

Blog notes that dumb black female jurist had assistance to defeat of the Bill of Rights.  County prosecutor Steve Descano, is a puppet on strings of George Soros (György Schwartz), a Hungarian jew despised by his own country, persona non-grata.  Steve Descano is a domestic enemy of the Constitution who signed off on a fabricated police affidavit claiming criminal conduct for exercise of First Amendment rights.  Descano is a fool, an embarrassment to the long grey line of West Point, a jew controlled domestic enemy of the the Constitution, an enemy of the people.  He claims to create a system on ‘shared values’, that no one will be above the law, but then uses his office and public money for tyranny against the goy.  Descano presents application for search warrant to the dumbest, blackest judge, who does not bother to read it, just hears Descano’s sales pitch that nasty, vile words make up criminal conduct in the mind of the the Commonwealth Attorney, too stupid to think for herself, she signs; unleashing terror and tyranny.  Trooper thugs of the State Gestapo under direction of  Colonel Gary T. Settle, supreme state thug master, muscle of the jews, cock sucker of Descano, dispatches a goon platoon, complete with evil AR15 rifles (the black ones), combat gear, nightvision goggles, along with a battering ram to breach the Fourth Amendment and murder a front door. These wanna be storm troopers have hardons running thru the house looking for a dog to shoot.  Alas, after two hours of tossing closets, dressers, sock drawers, laundry baskets, the bald headed transgender asshole in charge, Senior Trooper Michael Sponheimer, finds no fruits of a crime, so disappointed he went home to whack off with porn hub, then reported the failure of his illegal raid, while sucking BCI Director Timmy Lyon’s dick and massaging Trooper Captain Alan Worsham’s itty bitty balls.  Thirty people, lots of guns, hundreds of manhours, over $250k public funds wasted, no criminal collared, just deprivation of rights in the land of the free and the home of the brave.  Hunting free speech is never going to bag a perp in good ole US of A.  Just jew sponsored terrorism designed to muzzle the goy.  Now Colonel Settle can beg the Governor for early retirement.

Descano is WestPoint alum, where many from the long grey line spilled blood in defense of the Constitution, Judge Saylor attended Thomas Jefferson’s University of Virginia, neither puppet has a conscience.  Blog labels Saylor dumb, black, female, unfit to be a judge.  Descano a traitor, processing fabricated affidavit, selecting Saylor to sign the warrant without question, tossing up a word-salad pretending mean, nasty, vile criticism of public officials is criminal conduct, a judge too stupid to understand the reason for the Second Amendment, betraying public trust, undermining rule of law, destroying order of society, by parasitic infection for a chosen goal.

The improper release of flying monkeys to seek fruits of a crime in the First Amendment came before Judge Robert J. Smith, a senior judge of the Circuit, who calls for a hearing on the matter, set for Friday at 10am. Watch Descano embarrass the people of Fairfax County by arguing to criminalize free speech that Soros and synagogue pals don’t like.  Thomas Jefferson and James Madison are not amused.

Hairless dickhead Descano is invited to read case law on the ABOUT page.  Jew puppets cannot invent new classes of unprotected speech just because Mr. Schwartz pays them.  West Point Society has a candidate for expulsion.  An angry mob forms.