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Connecticut Flames

The devil’s only friend is fire, flames which consume all that is good. Connecticut is a wildfire of evil, incinerating all vestiges of an enlightened society, so evil that the devil’s foot soldiers masquerade as elected representatives, working from within government to turn the First Amendment to ash. The now-famous Blog of the pure, protected, political speech kind highlights subversive activities of the state legislature in conspiring to defeat free speech under the insane excuse of protecting rogue judges who work tirelessly in familial destruction, promoting alien ideology of the jew, by the Government Administration & Elections Committee.

The attack on free expression comes in form of HB 6410, a subversive end run around the Fourteenth Amendment that binds the states to uphold the Bill of Rights. The bill seeks to establish guidelines to censor online criticism of public officials, what jewspeak calls ‘harassment’, meaning speech the jews will not tolerate. The clusternuts of sponsors ignore that there is no ‘harassment’ exception to the First Amendment. The guidelines are set down in the Bill of Rights, ratified in 1791, with over a century of federal case law. Blog spotlights the ten constitutionally retarded Democrat sponsors of the bill: Jen Leeper of Fairfield, Eleni Kavros of Avon, Aimee Berger of Ridgefield, Christopher Rosario of Bridgeport, Gary Turco of Newington, Sarah Keitt of Fairfield, Corey Paris of Stamford,  Mary Welander of Derby, Christine Palm of Chester, Tom Arnone of Enfield. All democrats warring against the Constitution, betraying oaths, working to undermine the rule of law, totally ignorant to the fact that the Fourteenth Amendment withdrew regulation of speech from the states in 1868. These retards are retards. The devil’s flames burn in the legislature, evil advances.

The central mind control committee under the jewish leadership of Mae Flexer and Matt Blumenthal modified the proposed censorship with wording of protection of public officials from online harassment. Precious jews who take to the public stage must be shielded from scrutiny of ‘we the people’ lest their delicate egos be harmed, or their jewish affiliation laid bare. Specifically jew judges must be protected from abusive, offensive, or threatening online harassment. But wait … who are the speech police who will determine what scary words are censored from goy speak about their masters? Why did jew spawn Blumenthal advise the House to pass such domestic terrorism on behalf of a free people? Who consents to defeat the First Amendment … besides the jew?

Justice Alito ruled over two decades ago, in the Third Circuit, that there is no categorical harassment exception to the First Amendment. Why is gulag Connecticut trying to create one now? Jewish scam?

The constitutional flaw of the jews’ proposal is a claim that a public official has a right to be free from online harassment. Blog legal department notes that there is no such right in the good ole U.S. of A. The author of the proposed shredding of the First Amendment is a traitor, commits treason, and is an enemy of the people; free expression being the essence of self-government, therefore all who support this bill need to be dispatched from government, with a rope. It is not the provenance of government service to destroy the sovereign people nor their rights. The jews propose ‘state and municipal’ action to censor and punish online speech in criticism of public officials. Newsflash, speech is immune from state regulation. The whole thing reeks of the jew.

Now-famous Blog notes that retarded jewdicial paycheck sponge Melissa Farley gave testimony in support of the bill that the judges really want to censor online commentary of the rabbinical court, that unfavorable criticism of jew judges exposes the devil’s hand in family court, that Chief Court Administrator, dyke on the byke, Elizabeth Bozzuto finds personal necessity that she be shielded from public scrutiny, as it prevents her from really fucking up society. Read Farley’s testimony here. The independent jewdiciary wants a say in censoring the goy!! So much for separation of powers doctrine! Farley gets paid $240k a year to attack the First Amendment on behalf of Judge Elizabeth Bozzuto. Jews all.

Next comes Blog star Lisa Knopf supporting censorship while mangling history in a twisted argument that Soviets were bad, omitting the fact that Soviets were jews, censoring, slaughtering, imprisoning, raping the goy, all jewish ideology, wrapped up in communism, which is just jew rule over the goy. Lisa is so fucking stupid. Read her bullshit here. Despite the public outcry against rabbinical tyranny, the commish voted 13-6 to report favorably on state sponsored terrorism.

In 1809, this same issue came up in Pennsylvania, rising to SCOTUS, where founding father and then Chief Justice John Marshal opines:

If the legislatures of the several states may, at will, annul the judgments of the courts of the United States, and destroy the rights acquired under those judgments, the constitution itself becomes a solemn mockery; and the nation is deprived of the means of enforcing its laws by the instrumentality of its own tribunals. So fatal a result must be deprecated by all; and the people of Pennsylvania, not less than the citizens of every other state, must feel a deep interest in resisting principles so destructive of the union, and in averting consequences so fatal to themselves.

Time to get out the colonial tar and feathers, paint chimney pots black, impeach legislators for warring against the Constitution, debench Judge Elizabeth Bozzuto for crossing the line, violating her oath, demonstrating her violation of Canon, betraying her lack of impartiality; dumb cunt should have never been given a black robe, now she just begs a Patriot’s .50 cal rebuttal. Shot and dry powder being the ultimate defense of a free people.

Editor’s Note:  Given the extensive public testimony against the attack on 1A, ‘we the people’ are ignored, our self-appointed masters passed the illegal act out of committee; what the jews want for the goy, they get. Gulag Connecticut, the so called ‘constitution state’, the warden is a jew.

Jew clowns, advancing destruction of society, traitors all.

Dyke on the Byke, violates separation of powers, advocates for attacks on free speech to protect jewdicial rogues who rape childhood and destroy families; an enemy of the sovereign, begging her own demise.