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Cantwell v Liebenguth

The now-famous Blog of worst kind mocks the seven dwarfs of the Connecticut supreme court for proving incompetence to address the law. In true bloglicious form, the disclaimer applies that Blog ain’t makin’ this shit up!

Way back in April 1938, on Cassius Street in New Haven, a SCOTUS opinion forms when Jehovah Witnesses peddle religious expression by harassing residents of the Catholic neighborhood with anti-Catholic rhetoric, promoting a private agenda of whackoid interpretation of biblical prose, devoid of any doctrinal or theological rigor, a pseudo religion, headquarters in Brooklyn. Annoying neighbors by going door-to-door under guise of preaching, spreading alien private beliefs to those who keep doors locked for a reason, not being genuine intent. In the name of ‘religion’, Jesse Cantwell and his cohorts knock on private property to defame residents’ Catholic faith, creating annoyance, alarm, not of religious cause, to breach the peace of the narrow street and Catholic inhabitants … what Joette Katz calls ‘unprotected speech’, what Elonis calls intent. But after having been arrested for pissing off their victims, convictions are tossed out two years later by SCOTUS on claim it is free exercise of religion, First Amendment protection, for extremists to piss off Catholics of St. Anthony’s parish on Cassius Street, a public space, regardless of the reaction of the listener or the propensity of the Knights of Columbus to beat the shit out of speaker Cantwell and his Witness heretics.

Ok, got it? Just gloss speech with religious trappings and it is protected under First Amendment, like drawing a cartoon of Mohammad, incites violent reactions of muslims, but cannot be banned nor punished as unprotected, goes along with laughing at Holohoax, being pure protected political speech that jacks up ADL, censorship czar Greenblatt and makes Joette Katz hyper-ventilate. First Amendment does not exist to make everyone happy, desire for preservation of peace on Cassius Street cannot void it.

Blog legal scholars are confused at nutmeg dwarf thinking on expression, forced on an unsuspecting public by nutmeg supreme court’s seven legal dwarfs, McDonald – FudgePacker,  Robinson – BigNigger,  D’Auria – PuppetKike,  Palmer – OldFaggot,  Kahn – KikeBitch,  Mullins – LittleNigger,  Ecker –  PaedoKike. The high bench of jewish ideological race baiting handed down Liebenguth in 2020, outlawing the word NIGGER, because the jungle bunny will explode on hearing the speech, reacting in uncontrollable violence, which the high court finds disturbing to peace; fighting words, but BLM burning cities is ok! Now comes the bloglicious contradiction of nutmeg First Amendment jurisprudence, exposing the foundation that unprotected speech is what jews disapprove. The now-famous Blog is ‘unprotected’ speech according to Nigger Boy Richard Robinson and Queen Jew Joette Katz, read the joint opinion published in the CT Post in 2019. CT Law Tribune piles on in 2022, with Katz’s ruling of Blog criminal speech, endorsed by the leadership of Shipman&Goodwin.

A mob of Rastafarians walk down Cassisus Street, puffing blunts, chanting ‘Mother Mary is a whore’, carrying cartoons of Prophet Mohammad, pulling a float of scantily clad little boys, sponsored by the North American Man-Boy Love Association, followed by transgendered minor dicks who run on Hillhouse High girls track team, followed by late term abortion proponents, handing out coat hangers and trashbags, followed by drag queens and gay sex lobbyists, then the school board handing out pronouns, next a trailer of rabbis tossing buttons supporting elimination of age of consent, adorned with a funny star, but if one person calls a nigger a NIGGER … boom! Unprotected speech, fighting words, disturbed peace, violence, all hell breaks loose. Therein is the betrayal of the jewdicial branch upon a sovereign people. A branch of state government, using state and federal funds to defeat the rule of law, promote private agendas, shred the First Amendment, acting with such impunity as to question the national origin and misplaced loyalty of these black robed tyrants.

Unprotected speech is limited to a narrow realm called ‘true threats’ which holds no definition from SCOTUS, but might be close to Blog’s concept which is a serious warning of physical harm that the speaker controls and will inflict on the victim, using clear, focused, and concise prose, devoid of colloquialisms or unrelated context, leaving no question that some bad shit is going down … trembling libtards do not control American speech.

Blog’s marksmanship department again cites the importance of dry powder and shot of the Second Amendment, in light of demonstrated inability of the independent third branch of nutmeg government to protect citizens’ rights; chosen ones working steadily as gravity, quietly as thieves, chipping away, until all is lost. Jefferson foresaw the jewdicial danger in 1821, Blog foresees same in 2023. Jefferson calls for refreshment of the Tree of Liberty, a euphemism for flash bangs of the Second Amendment, where these seven dwarfs incite a sovereign people to employ violence on defeat of redress. The courts are not guardians of citizen’s rights, a sovereign people, with bare arms hold the power and duty to act for life, liberty, and the pursuit of all who threaten it, power to purge the land of the free and the home of the brave of tyrants, masquerading as judges, who pay lip service to an oath. Natural law is pure, nutmeg case law, not so much.

Editor’s Note:  There is an evil presence in Connecticut’s high court, an ideology alien to founding principles, a willful effort to destroy liberty for a private agenda, the justices beg a sovereign response, maybe a few F35 smart bombs and death rays from the space station, or standard .308 ball thru two panes of glass.

Cassius Street, New Haven, Connecticut

SCOTUS ruled that extremists hold religious expression protections to commit heresy on Cassius Street, a Catholic neighborhood, a half-mile down Cedar Street from St. Anthony Church, where parishioners have to ‘take it’, as a fundamental liberty interest, regulation of extreme religious expression is beyond power of the state, Christians just have to turn the cheek, be forgiving; but jews like Joette Katz of Shipman&Goodwin and Jonathon Greenblatt of ADL, spit on fundamental liberty, ignore SCOTUS, attack Blog, hunt blog readers, hunt blog editors, unleash state powers restricted by Cantwell, attempt to criminalize pure protected political speech, the essence of self-rule, proving again that an evil force controls Connecticut, where only the power of the Second Amendment may prevail.

The end goal of these miscreants is to muzzle the goy, defeat 1A, subvert the essence of self-government … don’t say NIGGER!