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The jews be mad! SCOTUS ruled that criminal speech does not turn on opinion of kikes who dislike goy expression, that claims of HOLOHOAX objectively upset the jews, make them fear for their pathetic victimhood, but are protected by First Amendment. Counterman v Colorado brought the curtain down on criminalizing scary words by reaction of a jew, a ‘true threat’ exception to 1A requires more than just a whining kike complaining like a whining kike. Another jewish ALI model penal code falls to the sword of justice, reminding kikes that the regulation of speech is withdrawn from the states with the Fourteenth Amendment, the end of Jeffersonian democracy. Little kike puppets in state jewdicial machinery are constitutionally barred from their kosher interpretation of criminal expression. Oi vey! The rabbinical courts are not happy.

Justice Kagan penned the opinion reversing an unconstitutional conviction of Mr. Counterman by rogues in Colorado who can’t count to First. Criminal speech requires proof the speaker acted with intent, malice, mens rea, recklessness, a burden the state must prove, which Colorado conveniently omits, following jewish model penal code to muzzle expression of goy prisoners in the kike controlled gulag. The high court decision ensures that intimidation and threats of arrest by jew police muscle do not chill expression, not to scare the goy from speaking, the essence of self-government, lest the Republic be lost completely, not that there is much left of the founding principles. Blog gives a shout out to Justice Barrett for citing Cantwell v Connecticut, in a confused, ranting dissent bemoaning the death of the imaginary ‘reasonable person’ standard of speech in a multi-cultural society with no definition of ‘reasonable’, no context, other than jewdicial discretion. Oi vey, the word salad is well tossed. Justice Thomas also dissents, his twisted black mind holding a standard of speech, imposed on the goy by his jewish overlords … don’t say HOLOHOAX! Thomas is all hung up on defamation, civil suits, policy, public figures, ignoring the reality that the sovereign cannot be muzzled, cannot be stripped of guns, must hold speech, dry powder, and shot in order to provide proper self-governance. Letting jews run wild deploying SWAT teams to murder front doors while hunting free speech is just jewish, a kosher effort to chill expression, subdue the sovereign, terrorize the goy. A ‘true threat’ conviction requires the state to prove intent to carry out the bodily harm expressed, no intent, no crime; fleas of a thousand camels to a jew’s armpit may be deadly, but if the speaker has only a thousand flealess camels, it is just protected speech.

The now-famous Blog’s legal department applies the standard handed down in Counterman to the Connecticut case of Taupier in which jew Judge Gold convicted a goy for ‘rough equivalent’ of a true threat, without state evidence of intent, recklessness, nor mens rea. Gold’s fn18 is merely rabbinical edict straight out of the talmud. Connecticut wrongly convicted a citizen by jewdicial discretion under jew ALI model penal code, which has now fallen to ruling of SCOTUS. Will fire and brimstone rain down on nigger boy Robinson who upheld the jewish standard of ‘rough equivalent’ the nutmeg regulation of expression, at odds with the law of the land? Will a free people find a rope, a sturdy branch of the Charter Oak, lynch the nigger and the jew for warring against the Constitution? Blog predicts nigger boy and his jewdicial dwarfs of the state’s high bench will ignore Counterman, ignore the deprivation of rights inflicted on a free people, nigger boy will cower in his chambers, afraid of a beating by his jewish cracker, if he seeks to correct his flawed opinion, where in the dark of night, an angry mob forms, torches lit, moving silently, bearing flames of liberty, reducing tyranny to ash, in the distance a dog barks, the report of a rifle, a freedom seed flies, tyranny its mark. Only the Second can protect the First in gulag Connecticut.

Editor’s Note:  Connecticut judiciary faces reality that the conviction of Ted Taupier is unconstitutional, remedy required … what will the jews do?

Nigger boy Robinson’s opinion of criminal speech in Taupier has been voided by Justice Kagan’s opinion in Counterman. What will the jews of Connecticut do now?

Judges who claim they are victims of criminal speech. Jews, niggers, dykes on a public stage, scared of sovereign criticism.