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The mad man of Madison has fizzled, his irrational barking gone quiet, pathetic victim pleadings of character assassination have stopped, legal attacks on Auntie Easter Baskets is abandoned. Now-famous Blog psycho department looks deep into the tormented mind of Christopher Ambrose, trapped in altered reality of his own script writing. A twisted mind, obsessed with victimhood, pleadings to a mythical superior legal authority, he attacks, feeding a minor ego, that vindication of a pathetic life will come from a court ruling against Auntie Easter Baskets, that violent, malicious, attempts to deliver jelly beans and chocolate bunnies to three gifts from God, destroyed his life. Blog psychiatry department identifies need for medication, electro-shock treatment, and jelly bean reunification therapy.

Mad man Christopher Ambrose lashed out at the world in July, filing suit against Auntie Easter Baskets, for the tort of celebrating Easter, exercising familial relations, attempted hugs for Mia, Matthew, Sawyer, three victims of Grossman/Adelman/Hurwitz jewdicial discretion. Police called, drama ensued, then a DEFAMATION lawsuit, as Mad Man gone madder. Mad Man even lashed out at the internet, suing blog FrankReport on the same day. Mad Man’s manliness pumped up by 52 pages of meticulously scripted complaints, delivered to oppressors by vengeful marshal service. Six months on, after more than 50 filings of pointless argle bargle, both suits falter, Mad Man abandons his frivolous, vexatious, meritless, legal attacks, retreating to his kitchen table, into his mad word processor world, psychosis brewing deeper and darker, children tremble, childhood raped, family funds drained, spiral accelerates, approaching the depths of complete insanity.

The comic tragedy of Chris Ambrose is the psychosis has obscured reality to the point he hallucinates that a civil court can upend the First Amendment, solely on his self-proclaimed victim-hood which he purchased from the jewdiciary of family court. So blinded he begs the court for relief which it cannot grant, against persons who have done nothing wrong, but the diseased mind cannot see reality.

Blog’s forensic psychoanalysis department fears Mad Man has lost the only outlet to vent a raging psychosis thru scripted court filings, abandoning this outlet raises concern to the alternative, will it be violence against the children, the last vestige of a miserable life which he can control? Manipulating, beating, mutilating children will be the manifestation of the bottled up rage? After three and a half years of non-stop litigation, Mad Man goes cold. Blog risk department calculates extreme unlikeliness of a happy ending to Ambrose drama, permanent damage inflicted by jewdicial ideology of Adelman/Grossman/Hurwitz points to a very tragic ending for all. Once the fire department douses smoldering embers, crime scene marked with yellow police tape, when all the bodies are recovered, there will be glee in the bar association, as probate court will pick over the family carcass, taking out the last legal fees.

Editor’s Note:  The genre of American tragedy mixed with jewdicial discretion produces its own horror story, in the worst interest of children.

A happy ending to the Ambrose drama does not come from the jewdiciary.

Jews and their nigger puppets conspire to isolate children from mothers.