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Deichert at it again!

Connecticut Assistant Attorney General Robert Deichert is at it again!  Blog star Deichert is famous for arguing against Mia, Matthew, and Sawyer hugging mother. Fundamental right of children to mom hugs opposed in the name of a sovereign people, under the direction of communist chink William Tong.  Now Deichert argues against the right of the people to scrutinize the misconduct of Judge Donna Heller who illegally sealed transcripts in the Dulos case. Deichert acts as a domestic enemy of the Constitution, using public funds to undermine First Amendment.

Attorney Reuben Midler conspires with Judge Heller to conceal the testimony of court whore Dr. Stephen Herman, MD, and his report. Herman is pathetic application of junk science on which family court judges rely to prolong litigation, traffic children, run up costs.  Herman is a ‘forensic’ psychiatrist, selling his jewish opinions  to unscrupulous attorneys,  fueling conflict to produce excessive attorney billable hours, doing children no good. Judge Heller conspires with Alex Cuda’s lecherous family bar association to defeat public right of scrutiny of a public forum.  Americans abhor secret tribunals.  Attorney Jon Schoenhorn has fought the family court mafia since April last year to obtain the transcripts of the sworn expert testimony of charlatan Herman, when state paycheck sponge Melodie Moss, court reporter, rudely refused public access.  First Amendment means nothing, sloths on state payroll are brainless.

The now-famous WORST Blog has previously exposed the anti-public stance of the family court, which claims to act under state parens patriae powers in protection of children.  The old European power of divine rulers, acting under Church law, transferred to the sovereign people of the states at Founding, not a constitutional power, but an adopted power, from the crown of merry old England.  The sovereign power is enacted thru the court.  The sovereign cannot fulfill its public duty when the jews of family court conceal how the power is wielded, such is tyranny by the jewdicial branch, for which the big nigger in a black robe on Capitol Avenue, becomes a criminal under federal law. The Third Enforcement Act of 1871, aptly named Ku Klux Klan Act, now codified in 18 USC §241, deprivation of rights, forbids Judge Heller’s conduct.  Deichert argues against the right of the sovereign while acting as the attorney for the sovereign.  Jews have rigged Connecticut, Deichert is a puppet.  AG Tong is hoping no one is watching.

A copy of Herman’s report is held by the New Canaan Police, as the GAL for the Dulos kids, prick Michael Meehan, advised donut whore cops to obtain the report upon the murder of Jennifer Dulos in May 2019.  A search warrant was issued by the Superior Court on police application solely on Meehan’s incompetent claim it is relevant to a murder investigation.  As Meehan states:  family law is the easiest money in the legal profession.  Given his insane billings, over $100k, for no legal purpose in the Dulos divorce, he is quite accurate.  His incompetence, love of easy money, expensive life style, outright greed did nothing for the five orphans, other than to inflame familial discord to the point Fotis Dulos killed his wife.  Family court is brutal by design of the jews.  Families with assets suffer immensely, as the parasites of the bar want cash.  Simply Money.

The less than honorable Judge David Sheridan shreds First Amendment by dismissing the claim for transcripts, Schoenhorn appealed to three stooges of appellate court, where the seven dwarfs of the high court have now snatched for Supreme review.  The appeal case detail can be found here.  Schoenhorn filed a verbose treatise, restating Founding principles.  CJ Robinson needs to recognize that the people are the sovereign.  We the people run the joint, not the monsters in black robes, un-elected morons, acting as thieves, silently, steadily chipping away at the Constitution, stealing rights, until nothing is left but the Second Amendment.

Blog notes that Heller, Wetstone, Adelman, and Grossman have applied unconstitutional powers to thwart public scrutiny of their monstrous, anti-American ideology, grotesque miscarriages of justice played out in full public view, under veil of jewdicial discretion.  The experts of jewish psychology picked by the judges are not state approved vendors, no legal definition of ‘custody evaluation’ exists, there is no accepted protocol, no scientific method, but for families with money it is a required expense to obtain an administrative no-fault divorce in Corrupticut; concealment protects the racketeers. Before Holly Wetstone became a judge, she represented an association of psychologists out of New Haven, the Rowland Commission Report of 2002 promoted the use of private pay providers in family court … see the connection between doting jewish judges and their pet jewish vendors? Family court litigants are victims of racketeering.

Sealing is always related to concealing the expert opinions of the jew charalatans:  Linda Smith, Jessica Caverly, Kenneth Robson, Robert Horowitz, Stephanie Klein, Deborah Gruen, Sidney Horowitz, Robert Horowitz, and the like.  Absent court secrecy, public might see the charade, racketeering, and child trafficking.

AG William Tong claims his priority is families, but talk is cheap, his flying monkeys Robert Deichert, Alma Nunley,  Emily Gait are out to thwart goy’s ability to scrutinize the racketeering operations of family court that victimize children.  Tong needs a slow boat back to China, he fits in well with the communist party, believes the ideology, he even looks like he belongs there.  Planting seeds of terrorism in Patriot gardens is reckless state action.

When the jewdiciary wants to defeat public right of scrutiny of court shenanigans, the mafia circles the wagon, using full resources of the the state to thwart the First Amendment, shameless state employees attacking the sovereign people.  Tong is both a foreign and domestic enemy of the Constitution, aim carefully.  Local coverage here and here.