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Jew Court

The now-famous, WORST blog takes aim at the vagueness of Connecticut family court orders to expose the jewdical powers wielded by misplaced zealots sitting atop benches rooted in the Constitution. Another plain example that the family court is a jewish invention created to destroy the Christian concept of family, injecting jewish venom deep into the fabric of society for no humane purpose, just glee of the jew. Hats off and a night scope aim to the niggers, dykes, homos, paedos, queers, traitors of the nutmeg state government who condone and protect the rape of childhood, a jewish delicacy.

What is vague and against public policy cannot be enforced by contempt powers of the people’s court, such is not the case for the absolute discretionary jewdicial authority of the chosen family judges and their nigger chief. Lynching is a societal necessity when the jewdiciary becomes the enemy of liberty, gravity being non-discriminatory to deviancy of traitors. Professor Eugene Volokh of UCLA law, a jew himself, opines about vagueness in family court being quite unconstitutional, but Nigger Boy Robinson only wipes his dumb ass with such a parchment. Blog examines the jew vagueness of Adelman, Truglia, Stewart, Grossman.

Recent orders from these jews in black reveal ‘therapy’ is a vague term, lacking definition, protocols, scientific basis, efficacy, diagnosis, yet these judges toss it in word-salad of final court orders alluding to some legal cause absent rational basis. A true jew game, which no court can enforce. Welcome to jewland of Connecticut, no constitution applies. Reunification therapy holds no legal definition, but is ordered provided by only jew therapists at $250/hr, with improper delegation of court authority, leaving control of the sessions to financial gain of the jew with a post hole digger. Similar jewness is seen in the appointment of a parenting coordinator, Lisa Kiren, also a jew, also priced at $250/hr, having no rational basis, no state standard, being vague, and unenforceable by any proper legal authority, other than jewdical rabbinical courts under the control of a big dumb nigger. Pretty obvious what the jews are doing with family court, injecting jewism under the color of dissolution law.

Blog sanitation department notes that judges Adelman, Stewart, Truglia, Grossman are in desperate need of a cleansing shower of Zyklon B. The jewish cadre of court vendors can be tossed in the fire pit: Jessica Caverly, Linda Smith, Lisa Kiren, Robert Horowitz, John Collins. Facts are facts, all the invasive post judgement therapy orders are issued by jews, appointing jews to do jewish shit to children, which by vagueness and privacy violations are unenforceable, except before the jew judge in the jew court that violates the Constitution for chosen necessity to fuck over the goy. Just the facts.

These Connecticut jews seek to conceal their traitorous acts from the victimized children by gagging the parents from discussing the jew orders with their own children, such being a gross invasion of parent-child bonds, having no cause in law for a no-fault divorce. See how slippery a jew in a black robe can be to defeat the First Amendment? Discussing the presence of the anti-christ or Satan’s existence on the bench violates the establishment clause, but jew cunts like Stewart are too stupid to recognize civil liberties, devouring childhood is a jewish delicacy. SCOTUS ruled two decades ago that these constitutionally protected bonds are not the realm of state jewness to fuck with. The Fourteenth Amendment prohibits jews like Stewart from restricting parental expression with children. Did you not see the jewness applied to harm the children? Any reason Judge Elizabeth Stewart should not cower in her basement as the angry mob sets fire to her house?

The tyranny of Connecticut Family Court begs its own destruction. Night scopes, .308 ball ammo, a well regulated parental militia necessary for a free state, in protection of children, having bare arms in pursuit of Life, Liberty, and all who threaten it, take aim at these jewish zealots masquerading as judges in the land of the free, home of the brave, may the imposters meet their righteous demise.

Remember it is the public policy of the state for strong families, loving parents, well cared for children, but jews of family court follow talmudic edict to fuck the goy.  Zyklon for all!