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Lisa Kerin Snake Oil

The now-famous Blog highlights the jew family fleecing scam under the fabricated doctrine of ‘best interest’ of money for court whores like Lisa Kerin, a state licensed social worker who is chosen by Judge Elizabeth Stewart having skills of invading the privacy of parent-child bonds by directing state licensed snake oil vendor to perform undefined voo-doo on a goy family with chosen privilege. Oi vey, the global zionists work at the lowest levels to destroy constitutional protections and Christian concept of family. May the wrath of a holy hell befall jew Judge Elizabeth Stewart and her snake oil prescriptions.

Judge Stewart, of Hamden, studied undergrad and law skool at Thomas Jefferson’s University of Virginia. She was not one of the sharper students, spent more time drinking on Rugby Road than studying. She issues incoherent, vague, and ambiguous orders, devoid of purpose, from her perch on the rabbinical bench to fuck over families. She specifies that Lisa Kerin of Middleground Counsulting LLC will be a co-parenting counselor for two divorced parents for no reason stated. Two citizens no longer married, protected from governmental interference by the Fourteenth Amendment, become victims of an idiot in a black robe and a $250/hr whore. Judge Stewart violates civil rights of mom and dad by subjecting them to state sponsored terrorism in the form of an incompetent, deceitful, licensed social worker for no defined purpose. What is co-parent counseling? Who specifies the standard of parenting? Where is the published protocols of snake oil? The published efficacy? How is Kerin known to the court? Kerin is not an approved state vendor for snake oil to family court. Lisa Kerin a court appointed jew who defines acceptable conduct for two free citizens in violation of the federal Constitution. Judge Stewart is a domestic enemy of the Constitution, begging a .50 cal to the head. When judges terrorize children by unleashing jewish mind control therapy, counseling, coaching, deviancy, what recourse does an enlightened people hold to defeat the chosen ideology? Second Amendment? Muzzle crack and flash of flying freedom seeds?

The now-famous Blog’s psychiatric staff in consultation with the theology department, put the question of Stewart’s privacy invasion to Blog’s legal department, who then referred it to the well regulated parental militia with bare arms, where the overwhelming Jeffersonian consensus is Stewart is an official candidate to refresh a very thirsty Tree of Liberty. Possible headless float down the Connecticut River, notwithstanding.

Nigger Boy Robinson runs a jewdicial branch devoid of constitutional protections. Nigger boy screams Free At Last! while shredding civil rights, raping childhood. Children can only be protected when the nigger swings from a noose, hanged from the sturdy Charter Oak, a traitor’s necktie. The Commissioner of Public Health, Manisha Juthani, MD is another jew puppet who cannot regulate licensees like Lisa Kerin from selling snake oil on orders of jew judges to victimized goy families. The jews will devour childhoods for a few shekels. Judaism is merely the worship of money. The Connecticut State government is a jewish terrorist organization, which chink, yellow, commie William Tong proudly defends, lest his jewish masters dispose of his worthless ass.