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Adel Liar!

A simple way to discredit the jew hucksters is to use the word salad against them. Here is the disinformation Gerard Adelman provided to ‘we the people’ in 2009, before becoming one of the most inhumane judges of the family bench, his remarks at his appointment hearing.

Good afternoon Chairman McDonald, Chairman Lawlor and members of the Judiciary Committee.

My name is Gerard I. Adelman. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, I did my undergraduate work at Ohio State University graduating in 1970. After graduating from college, I married and my wife and I moved to Wallingford, Connecticut. We have resided in Meriden, Connecticut for almost 37 years and in Connecticut for 39 years. My first career after college was as an 8th grade history teacher at Dodd Junior High School in Cheshire. I attended Southern Connecticut State University during the evening pursuing a master’s degree in history. When I finished my graduate work in 1977, I decided to go to law school and attended the night program at UCONN School of Law from the fall of 1978 through the spring of 1982. I resigned my teaching position at the end of October of that year and was admitted to the Connecticut Bar on November I, 1982. Starting as a research clerk with the Meriden firm of Weigand & Mahon during law school, I became an associate with my admission to the bar and a partner as of January 1, 1985. We changed the name of the firm to Weigand, Mahon & Adelman and I have been there to this day. Our firm is a general practice firm and as the newest member I took all types of cases. I did criminal defense, worker’s comp, personal injury, small business development, tax appeals, foreclosures, bankruptcies, Social Security disability claims and family law. Over the years, I became the primary family law practitioner in our firm.

Since that time, the vast majority of my practice has developed in the family law area. I have not only represented divorcing parties, but very early in my career I took on the role of attorney for the minor child and/or Guardian ad litem. Back then, having an attorney to assist the minor children was the exception, but today is very common and, I believe, a very important improvement in our family courts. I have been extremely active as a special master in a variety of different courts. I was among the earliest lawyers to be recruited by Judge Steinberg to special master in the Regional Family Trial Docket and have continued in that program to the present time. I also volunteer to participate in the limited contested cases in the Judicial Districts of New Haven and Middlesex and organized the special master program in the my own Judicial District of Meriden. My interest in developing alternatives to litigation in the family law area has led me to seek special training in divorce mediation and collaborative divorce. I have been very active in both of those areas. My ethical obligation to serve the public good has been an important part of my professional life. I have handled numerous pro bono divorce cases, been active in the CBA and served as director and legal advisor for many non-profit organizations over the years.

As a family law practitioner, I have had a great deal of courtroom experience both at trial and on the short calendar docket. I believe I have a very good working knowledge of our rules of evidence, courtroom decorum and the necessary interpersonal skills to perform well as a Superior Court Judge. As a member of a small firm, I know first hand the problems that attorneys face in scheduling matters in different courts at the same time. I understand the problems the court face in making sure that matters are processed in a timely manner while still understanding the realities of conflicts, family emergencies and the like. I have maintained good working relationships not only with my clients, but also with the court staff from the marshals to the judges. I am pleased that several staff members have referred their family and friends to me for representation over the years. On the personal side, I have been married to the former Georgia Brannan for almost thirty-nine years. We have one daughter Jessica Adelman Kogut and my wife and I are now the grandparents of Nicholas and Emily Kogut, three-year-old twins. We are active and involved grandparents. I am truly humbled to have been given this opportunity by Governor Rell and I have personally assured her that she will not be disappointed by my work if confirmed. I look forward to the opportunity of performing the duties of a Superior Court Judge with the humility of one who has been before many of our finest judges, the competence of an experienced legal practitioner, the integrity of a believer in our judicial system and a proud citizen of this great state. I am honored to have this opportunity to answer your questions. Thank you.

There is a reason Judge Adelman is known as the DARK LORD, evil personified, lying sack of shit, danger to children, threat to society, needs a baptism.

I have personally assured Jody Rell that she will not be disappointed by my work, if confirmed.

Adel liar
Adel Liar, jewish asshole, designed to fuck over goy families per talmud rule.