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Democracy dies in darkness! Judge John Blawie, the magnificent bald terrorist shredding the Constitution from the foul bench of Connecticut Superior Court is leading the charge to turn out the lights. Blawie the Buffoon voids the First Amendment to protect another paedophile of the state ring of sexual deviancy, a jewish delicacy. The court’s servitude to child predators is painfully pronounced when prosecutor Daniel Cummings conspires with paedo muscle to thwart public right of scrutiny in a criminal proceeding. Connect the dots: paedo lady Hadley Palmer films children in deviant acts for pleasure of others, paedo psychologist Dr. Jerome Brodlie, PhD, conspires to conceal the crime, where upon arrest, arraignment, plea deal, prick Micheal Meehan conspires with prosecutor with wink and nod to Judge Blawie to conceal the court file from ‘we the people’. Such an obvious jewish play that violates all principles of criminal justice. Judge Blawie exempts the Stamford court from SCOTUS case law and constitutional principles, undermining public confidence to HIS private star chamber, where rich jew child predators buy privilege. Blawie the magnificent is a judge above all others, another puppet on jew strings, begging a rope necktie and a sturdy branch.

Blog legal department reminds readers that criminal charges are brought to the court on behalf of a sovereign people, the case is State v Palmer. Americans ‘abhor secret trials‘, public scrutiny of public matters in a public forum is a First Amendment right of a free people, protected by a free press. Blawie the Magnificent tramples freedom on direction of his paedo masters, begging a .50 cal to the head, tar and feathers, a headless float to feed crustaceans in the Sound. Chief Justice Richard Robinson to tag along with prosecutor Cummings, as discouragement to other jew puppets who morph the court into a rabbinical tribunal based on the talmud; Connecticut is jewland.

Blawie is a domestic terrorist, an enemy of liberty. Death be unto tyrants. Time for baldy to die a traitor’s death. No games here. Judge John Blawie violates public trust to please his jewish paedo masters, concealing criminal matters from the public is terrorism. The players are joined in conspiracy to deprive rights, as Daniel Cummings holds no cause to defy public interest in a criminal proceeding, yet this jew paedo protecting rat betrays the sovereign at the direction of his masters; the Tree of Liberty begs his blood in refreshment.

The will of the public is enforced by SCOTUS opinions stating: the press is the handmaiden of proper administration of criminal justice; public scrutiny guards against miscarriage of justice; what transpires in the criminal courtroom is public property; fair and orderly administration of justice cannot survive public concealment; Americans abhor secretive tribunals. Simply put, jew monsters like Blawie need to be purged from the bench in defense of liberty, one dead judge goes a long way to preserve hard fought liberties of great sacrifice, Blawie signs his own death warrant.

Editor’s Note: The jewish grip on the people’s court gives judicial authority to defy rule of law, claiming discretionary exceptions to void the First Amendment, a call to arms for a free people.