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Torment Day

The jewdicial mafia of Connecticut Family Court relishes in another day of torment passed in abuse of mothers and children. Top jewdicial miscreants Adelman, Grossman, Wetstone, Munro, Drainginis, Solomon, spent the weekend gloating that their chosen application of talmudic law has destroyed mothers across the years, the simple act of upholding recommendations of an immune jewish GAL that mothers not hug kids because daddy has money and a hard on for minors. The added value of a jew PhD recommending cash generating therapy leading to years of isolation is jewdicial celebration, using the people’s courts to fuck over the goy families for lucrative fees. The joy of Mother’s Day is palpable in chambers of the jewdicial authorities who merely beg their own destruction. The .50 cal to the head might just be the mother of all bullets.

Special jew shot goes out to Grossman and Adelman who empower paedophile, homo, moron Christopher Ambrose to deny Mia, Matthew, and Sawyer a simple phone call to mom on the special day. Chris must show to the world that jews in black robe enable him to abuse children by denial of mom hugs … not that his own mother would hug such a monster, most Patriots would see him swing with the big dumb nigger who runs the court system of intentional infliction of harm on goy kids. Niggers, jews, paedos, homos, dykes, retards … wonder why the Connecticut jewdiciary is so fucked up … why God made .308 ball ammo and night scopes.

To all the family court judges, a public service reminder that judicial immunity does not protect from the wrath of holy righteousness, black robes don’t stop bullets, angry mobs are sovereign, swinging with a dumb nigger is not what your mother had in mind.

Editor’s Note: Court is the alternative to violence, if the court chooses to abuse children by jewdicial discretion, outside the rule of law, in defiance of public policy of strong families, loving parents, and well cared for children, then let the bullets fly, terrorist need to die, the sovereign holds the Second Amendment for a purpose.



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