Thwarting Public Interest

Just when you might think that the Connecticut Supreme Court is functioning properly, along comes Richard A. Robinson, the dumb nigger in a black robe, along with his fudge packing buddy Andrew McDonald and the rest of the seven dwarfs to remind the peasants that they are just peasants, for whom their chosen masters do not give a shit.

Remember the fat bald guy, Blawie, who issued a gag order about the most intriguing murder case in the history of the State? That matter of the ‘missing’ mother of five, Jen Dulos. Well, the great grey ponytail of the giant of the profession, Norm Pattis, filed a direct appeal in the public interest to the state Supreme Court under the people’s statute CGS 52-265a. The statute was put in place by ‘we the nutmeg people’ over a half a century ago, for the singular purpose of checking trial court judges when they fuck up so bad that the public holds immediate interest in fixing it.

Blawie the bald fucks up the First Amendment by issuing a gag order for no specific reason in the criminal case of Fotis Dulos. The great ponytail Norm Pattis files a direct appeal of bald boy’s order in the public interest, where Nigger Boy Robinson grants certiorari and the state Supreme Court takes up the appeal. Briefs are written and filed, then oral arguments are held and the public waits for the decision from the seven dwarfs who pretend to know law, but really do smell bad in their black robes.

Surprise, surprise, the court took note that Fotis Dulos died. As state employees are always finding ways not to do their assigned work, the Chief Nigger and Head Faggot of the court conspire to defeat the laws of the state by sua sponte claiming that because Fotis is dead, the court does not have to issue a decision on the appeal in the public interest … because the public does not matter.

Did you follow that jewdicial logic of the morons in black robes? No one asked these clowns to drop the matter. Not Norm, not the State. No one filed a request nor even suggested it. The interested public did not say forgetaboutit. Nope, the court came up with the idea, all by itself. Read the court’s own motion/order here.

Another example of the illusion of law, illusion of a sovereign people, illusion of due process, and the overriding reality that the courts are benches of dictatorial tyranny, unbridled by the laws of ‘we the people’. Sort of like they are rabbinical courts operating under the edicts of the Talmud on how the goyim are to be treated before the chosen. Oi vey, the jews just don’t stop.

Goyim don’t matter, now shut up and get in the boxcar with your gag order!

Nigger Boy Robinson attempts to sidestep the public interest, because one person died.
Attorney Norm Pattis. Giant of the Profession, Slash and Burn Trial Lawyer, Great Grey Ponytail … gonna get fucked by a nigger.
Blawie the bald and stupid.
Radio Robinson and his seven dwarfs, thwarting public interest.