Blawie The Magnificent!

Connecticut: where rights go to die.

Save the date! Just two weeks before Christmas, the dregs of the legal fuck barrel will assemble in the Supreme Court of Retards to hold a public argument over free speech. Like what is there to argue about?

Our fat bald retarded Judge John Blawie, the magnificent constitutional dotard in a black robe has created a tempest in a tea pot. On wink and nod request from scum State’s Attorney Richard Colangelo, the Blawie did brand Connecticut with the tyrant’s mark by issuing a GAG order on the case of murdered Jennifer Dulos. The Great Grey Ponytail and champion of rights, Norm Pattis has taken his objection to the highest court in the cesspool, where Black Boy Robinson and his band of merry stooges will demonstrate their incompetence by hosting drama where none exists.

Blawie claims to predict that something somebody might say will somehow cause Fotis Dulos an unfair trial by some undefined effect on an unnamed juror, but Blawie cannot predict the winning lottery numbers nor can he name this season’s SuperBowl champs. The stupid fat fuck in the black robe is more than delusional.

The game at hand is simply the ruling elite deciding what the little people can and cannot say. Blawie the magnificent wants to believe that the public cannot hear certain ideas about the death of Jennifer, lest the trial process will be corrupted. Did you get that sleight of hand? Blawie will overturn the First Amendment as a necessity to protect the Sixth Amendment? Or that the First falls to the Fifth; free speech foils due process? Little trickster is about as slimy as they come. Because Blawie the magnificent does not have a murder trial before him, he will muzzle whomever he wants in fictitious claim that a matter in a public forum will be compromised by the public of the forum. The ruling elite think they are so clever.

The real problem is that the overpaid, overweight doughnut whores of the state police forces have failed miserably at apprehending Jen’s murderer…a.k.a. Fotis Dulos. The ruling elite are embarrassed that their strong arm muscle of the thin blue line can’t collar a cold blooded killer. Heaven forbid that everyone discuss the state’s incompetence or that folks like Norm Pattis publicly criticize the incompetence at play. Best thing is to muzzle the discussion. That is how the ruling elite restricts the narrative. The excuse that there will be ‘prejudice’ to a trial is just Orwellian word salad tossed with tyrannical croutons by misdirection of the constitutionally incompetent.

Now comes Robert J. Scheinblum, an incompetent state employee with a paycheck that outweighs his intellect a hundred fold, to argue for the people of Connecticut that the state’s masters hold the power to muzzle the free expression of ideas in a public forum over a public matter of the public demise of Jennifer Dulos to protect the murderer’s right to a fair trial. Yeah, right, read that one over a few times and let it sink in. Robert the Retard recently filed a pathetic brief to support the misconduct of Blawie the magnificent, claiming that the court cannot function properly in a free speech environment. Chewing shoe leather is easier than trying to follow the twisted and incoherent prose applied with public funds to argue against the First Amendment. Read it here, if you dare.

The fallacy of the argument is the simple claim that the gag order upholds a fair trial. Everyone in the jury pool has heard of the demise of Jennifer Dulos. Everyone knows that hubby knocked her off, everyone knows that he had help and social media has covered every scrap of information on the subject. So what does a gag order do? It shuts the mouth of the Great Grey Ponytail. It prevents legal defense from standing in front of a free press and ranting off that the state has no case against his client, highlighting that his client is innocent, mocking the detective work that ‘believes’ his client murdered Jen, stopping the national free press from amplifying the fact that the police in Connecticut can’t solve the most obvious crimes and that the prosecution is grandstanding, hoping for a miracle that they will come up with some evidence to make a murder charge. This is indeed a comedy show. But Judge Blawie’s gag order serves only to muzzle Norm Pattis….the hated, despised. legal outcast of the Connecticut Bar. A giant of the profession, a slash and burn trial lawyer, a maverick of rights, who will run circles around the clowns of the state judiciary and the criminal justice system. Now a marked man. The ruling elite do not like criticism.

In reality, the State of Connecticut is arguing that citizens are stupid, ignorant sheeple on four legs, whom the chosen ones cannot trust to be a juror. Scheinblum is simply arguing the Zionist agenda right out of the Talmud. Magically citing ‘prejudicial pretrial publicity’ as cause to shred the First Amendment. Claims of ‘likelihood’ and ‘probability’ make up the word salad to confuse the goyim. Congratulations to the citizens of Corrupticut, your own government thinks you are totally stupid and that anything Norm says will sway your feeble little minds, thereby disqualifying all of you from the jury pool. An argument only a Jew can make.

Save the date: 12 December, where Connecticut will argue against the First Amendment.

Editor’s note: The Hartford Courant filed an amicus brief, which simply states that Blawie’s gag order is quite unconstitutional and must be vacated. Simple.

State’s Attorney Robert J. Scheinblum, advocating gag orders on behalf of a free people….nut job.
Norm Pattis, slash and burn giant of the profession, tearing up the clowns of the Connecticut Judiciary.
Judge Blawie, can’t hold a court proceeding without overturning the First Amendment…tyrant!!
Prosecutor Richard Colangelo, no case, no evidence, no murder charge, but gets a gag order.