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Judge Antoni Truglia, the monster in black, mother hater, child predator, total asshole, claims it is a flagrant waste of precious jewdicial resources to grant fee waivers to mothers with no money to appeal draconian orders of the family court to the appellate court! Precious money, so loved by a jew like Truglia will not be squandered upon goy moms who are forbidden from hugging children by discretionary orders of jewdicial authority. Start boiling the tar, plucking feathers, gather the angry mob, Truglia is going to feel the wrath of a sovereign people, betrayed.

Two moms, stripped of counsel, denied marital assets for replacements, dragged thru the cesspool of Bridgeport JD, under the incompetent supervision of Administrative Judge Thomas ‘Wuss’ Welch, asked for a waiver of the appellate filing fee ($250) and cost of transcripts, which is always a ripoff at over $6/page. The mothers simply do not have the funds to pay these expenses, but hold statutory right of appellate review of manly child isolation orders issued under the presiding bully of Bridgeport Family Court: Truglia the Troll, a dickhead in a black robe afflicted by severe mental defect, relishing in suffering brought on by mother-child separation; jewdicial delicacies. Truglia is a jew, who mixes baby blood to his morning coffee brought to him by jerk clerk Robert Wilock.

Mothers and children hold right to appeal jewdicial isolation orders, jewish orders that violate public policy for strong families and well loved kids need to be voided in review, a due process requirement. By denying the fee waiver, jew boy Truglia, shields the talmudic orders from review. A sneaky little short circuit of law for which he places no facts upon the record. This is Truglia’s finding:

Fee waiver DENIED as mothers repeatedly file motions to hug children, being an extended pattern of frivolous filings, without merit, being a flagrant misuse of Branch resources.

Judge Anthony Truglia

Got that folks, the niggers and jews of Connecticut family court destroy constitutionally protected mother-child bonds, ensuring mothers have no funds to appeal, then deny the fee waiver because pleading for hugs is frivolous and meritless where waiving fees is FLAGRANT misuse of precious state resources, which can be better spent providing free abortions. The silent, angry mob, steps softly in the night, torches fly, an abode burns, evil incinerated. Truglia begs his own destruction, the jewdicial mind, detached from reality, where black cotton fiber shields not a high velocity freedom seed, that a .50 cal to the head is the people’s defense of rights and protection of children. Truglia is an enemy of the people, a danger to children, in need of lynching, in discouragement of other jews of jewery.

In line at the Charter Oak will be AJ Thomas Welch, AJ Michael Albis, CCA Patrick Carroll, and of course the big dumb fuckin’ nigger at the top, Chief Justice Richard Robinson, all morons who cannot administer justice, who rape childhoods, destroy families in worship of the jew god of money. Patriots are called to arms, blood of tyrannical child predators is natural manure for the Tree of Liberty.

Editor’s Note: Truglia cannot deny on ‘pattern’ as neither mother has previously filed an appeal. The dumb jew does not understand the law governing waivers or the legal requirements for denial. Truglia is another idiot, lacking skills of jurisprudence, dumped in pit of family court, as no other court can tolerate his stupidity.

Jewdicial monsters be looking over their shoulders.
Hang ’em all, be done with it.