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Connecticut: Where the Constitution goes to die!

Here we go again. Just when you thought we had First Amendment rights, Judge John F. Blawie shreds the Constitution as a favor to his fellow prosecutor pal Richard Colangelo to railroad a convenient murder suspect for which the State lacks evidence to prosecute. Not citing any substantive reason nor sound case law, Blawie favors the prosecution’s beliefs and speculations over freedom of expression to tilt the scales of justice to the presumption of guilt.

The great grey ponytail, Attorney Norm Pattis, smells a rat and has taken Blawie’s pseudo gag order to the State Supreme Court for review. Colangelo’s game is obvious. He thinks Fotis Dulos killed wife Jennifer and that side ho Michelle Traconis would flip if both were charged with evidence tampering. Colangelo speculates that Jennifer was murdered, but does not have a corpse. Keystone cops can’t find a shred of evidence to show Jen was murdered or that Fotis did it. No problem, this is Connecticut. Judge Blawie is an alum of the secretive prosecutor mafia where due process and presumption of innocence is suspended. Colangelo gave a wink and a nod to Blawie by submitting a lame motion citing a meaningless clause from the Bar’s Rules of Professional Conduct to have Blawie issue a totally illegal and quasi ‘gag’ order to help Colangelo frame Fotis Dulos.

Judge Blawie issued an incomprehensible order designed solely to keep the Grey Ponytail’s mouth shut. The media frenzy eats up every word spoken or published on the case. Norm’s words are broadcast across the country and his pointed commentary is embarrassing the retards of the State’s criminal justice system. The elite rulers of Corrupticut don’t like the attention. Read the ‘gag’ order here.

The fat, bald, knucklehead of a judge, Blawie is all that is corrupt about the inner workings of Connecticut. A publicly funded apparatus that can not function under the framework of the Constitution. Anything that happens in the public forum of a criminal court is public property and free speech is free speech. It is the domain of the public, not to be censored by a state sloth in a black robe under the guise of ensuring a ‘fair’ trial. Even a fifth grader can see through the miscarriage of justice that is playing out in Blawie’s cesspool of a court.

Judge Blawie signs an arrest warrant for the accused based on beliefs of the Keystone Cops, then proceeds to muzzle the defense attorney who holds that special place in society to ensure the quality of justice. Blawie destroys all that is American. Gag orders only apply to protect a local jury pool under corollaries to the Sixth Amendment. In the modern day of national social and mass media, there is no purpose in one sided censorship; it only enrages a free people holding the means and the interest to scrutinize a public forum and all its unscrupulous state actors. The Sixth Amendment guarantees the accused a right to counsel, not muzzled by state shenanigans. Blawie needs to protect 12 potential jurors from free speech to ensure a fair trial….right? He is off his rocker! He is testimony to the bottom ranking of UCONN Law School.

Norm, being a giant of the profession, relying on a nationwide network of well educated legal beagles has taken the matter to the State Supreme Court. Our blog famous Chief Justice Richard Robinson, the big black man in the black robe has granted certiorari, as a matter of public interest, to hear Norm’s appeal of the tyrant’s order. Rather amazing to see that Robinson recognizes that shredding the First Amendment to be of public interest. Obviously, he is aware of the stench arising from Blawie’s game and the constitutional spotlight shining down on Corrupticut.

It is painfully obvious that Blawie fucked up. The State has been given until 22 November to file a reply brief and the case will not be heard until after 9 December. Now Colangelo has bought himself more time to find a body. The ruse works to the State’s advantage, as Norm is muzzled for the rest of the year.

Read Dave Altimari’s article in the Courant here. Even the Courant’s lawyers are going after Blawie’s gag order in the name of freedom of the press.

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