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Jewish word salad is a red flag that betrays government deceit on a trusting public. Connecticut’s Department of Children and Families skillfully employs ill-defined words to protect child predators. The pattern is repeated precisely revealing a racket protecting persons engaged in pedophilia: protected jewish delicacy.

A little girl, perhaps five years of age, has an incredible knowledge of male appendages, knows where it does not fit, describes games played with daddy’s dick, can describe his buddy’s dick, forced to drink yucky tasting medicine, exhibits signs of being drugged, but the professionals at DCF claim the accusation of child sexual abuse is UNSUBSTANTIATED.

A little boy under the age of four, extending his tongue for a kiss gives normal folk cause for concern on where he learned such behavior. Dropping his pants to show classmates his butt is abnormal, exposing his genitalia to friends calling it his ‘toy toy’ also gives concern. Talking about daddy’s fingers in his butt is alarming; daddy finger, mommy finger, brother finger, suggests something evil.

A young girl, under the age of six, sketching figures engaged in various sexual positions, phallic sketches, limp and erect, vaginas, breasts, fascination with fellatio, all suggests she is being used for abusive purposes.

A young boy under age of five talks about butthurt, has evidence of penetration, there is cause for concern, but not for ‘officials’ of Connecticut.

Indications of child sexual abuse are investigated solely by PROFESSIONALS under the nigger leadership of Vannessa Dorante who feign investigation then conclude: UNSUBSTANTIATED. A word of no specific definition used defeat reports of sexual abuse. The power of Pedo Protection Central extends to law enforcement. Once the thin blue line of donut whores hears UNSUBSTANTIATED, the accuser is maligned, harassed, threatened, defamed. Next comes the clever use of jewish psychologists who diagnose the child with a poisoned mind by irrational, delusional manifestations of a crazy mother. A pattern repeated with precision over the last forty years. The pedo ring has a lock on UNSUBSTANTIATED.

Note that Blog Star nutjob Jewette Katz was head of pedo protection at DCF for seven years (’11-’17) where pedo protection became her form of jewish science.

The word salad trickery extends to jewdicial retards like Judge Thomas Moukawsher, a presiding pedophile of family court. He refers to the UNSUBSTANTIATED finding by low level state minions as PROOF that mother is lying!! The jewdiciary voids the rules of evidence, in deference to pedo protectors. Brilliant really. Ignorant opinions of Taylor-Ann DeMarco ($95k/yr), Jennifer Carey-Walker ($100k/yr) and Tricia Falcone ($112k/yr) create the illusion of UNSUBSTANTIATED. To challenge the finding of the three stooges, one appeals to the talmudic tribunal of agency lawyers under the direction of miscreant Maureen Duggan ($150k/yr), DCF’s general counsel, a closet dyke, holding a worthless JD from Western New England diploma mill. She knows exactly what she is doing to protect the jewish delicacy of child rape.

The jewdiciary accepts the UNSUBSTANTIATED label as gospel; no one can argue. The court then attacks the accuser, usually the mother, as being crazy, delusional, needing psychotropic medication, while awarding sole custody to daddy finger. Rest in peace Jonathan Wiegand, your childhood was raped by the same players; Judge Herbert Barall presiding.

Along pattern repetition in DCF and jewdicial branch behavior, the players are all remarkably similar. Particular attorneys are instantly appointed by the court to protect daddy finger and malign mothers. Janis Laliberte is notorious for being appointed to cases involving child sexual abuse; a legal pit bull trained to destroy motherhood. The hideous Sue Cousineau, recently exposed for protecting daddy who eventually admitted to sexual abuse of his own son. Famous jew Jocelyn Hurwitz will show up in cases where daddy finger has big bucks, she is an expert in protecting the jewish delicacy getting off on little kids. Then there are the psychologists, Sidney Horowitz, Kenneth Robson, Robert Horowitz, Linda Smith, Jessica Caverly, Stephanie Stien-Leite, Deborah Gruen, Andrew Hechtman, who do their voo doo to brainwash the kids and malign the mother, while protecting criminal conduct of daddy finger.

The pedo judges are well known: Holly Wetstone, Herbert Gruendel, Annie Dranginis, Gerard Adelman, Lynda Munro, Donna Heller, Leo Diana, William Bright, Jane Emons, Maureen Murphy, Elaine Gordon, Linda Prestley, Leslie O’Lear, Jane Grossman, Anne Ficeto, Marylouise Schofield. The complete cadre of pedo judges was personally and privately trained under the king of the jews, Elliot Solomon.

Child trafficking, in public view, protected by jews of government, ignored by law enforcement. Connecticut where no one can hear the children scream.

Connecticut silences screams of raped children