Laliberte Liability

The now famous blog takes a look at Connecticut’s lawyer welfare program administered by the judges of the family court. A guardian ad litem is appointed at the discretion of the court to represent the ‘best interests’ of a child. A posting absent legal purpose, as the family court operates in the best interests by statute. Why is a lawyer needed? Because it is how the judges put cash in the pockets of the bottom of the barrel attorneys who would otherwise starve to death. Time to spotlight the incompetent GAL in the Tiberi case, the fat, the ugly, the stupid, Janis M. Laliberte.

The first hint that Laliberte is a problem is that she is appointed by Judge Jane Grossman in Bridgeport. The now famous Grossman is the blog’s pick for next judge to be kicked off the bench; reappointment hearing next April, stay tuned. Laliberte claims she is a “devoted and committed advocate for minor children in custody cases”. A red flag to anyone who knows how family court works in trafficking children and purchased decisions. Also she is sole practitioner to allow for judicial kickbacks for her sustaining appointments; tax man never sees it! No other lawyer wants to be associated with her. She is a true vulture of family court, preying on children and families to pay her bills.

Laliberte holds a legal duty to her young ward Leonard in the Tiberi case, a little boy with rotting teeth. Surely a fat retard with a UCONN law degree can recognize the need for proper dental care, even for baby teeth. Not this stupid cunt. Laliberte stands before Judge Grossman, with her mouth shut, collecting her fee, one miserable billable hour at a time. See daddy has money, mom does not, so daddy is paying the freight and prefers the baby teeth just rot and fall out on their own; toothaches build character, sepsis be damned. The loving, caring, mother who gave birth to this child would tend to Leo’s dental needs, but Judge Grossman took the kid away, cut mom off from access. Daddy is a drug addict, flaming homosexual and a dentist with a practice in Bridgeport. A dentist with sole custody of his son with bad teeth, for which Laliberte does nothing?

Laliberte is so clueless, as to not realize she holds a legal duty to make proper reports of child abuse and neglect about Leo to the state child protection agency, acting as a court appointed GAL, she actually has legal duty towards the welfare of the child. That collecting a fee for this GAL service means that a service must be provided? Of course not! This is Connecticut, where money counts and children don’t matter. The case now heads into its third year in pursuit of the elusive ‘no-fault’ divorce. Another classic pedo ploy where the judge prolongs the litigation to collect the ‘fee’ to purchase the decision to cut mom out of the picture, so dad and his pedo pals can have complete drugged control over the boytoy. Mom won’t be around to hear complaints of a sore ass or toothaches.

The players in the case are the usual suspects of pedoville: Judge Jane Grossman, custody evaluator Dr. Jessica Biren Caverly, pedo dad’s attorney Lisa Knopf. All in it for the money and to traffic little boy ass for the state pedo ring. Another Connecticut classic!

Laliberte is a liability to us all. Pedo.

Child trafficker, judicial pet, Janis Laliberte of Milford

Editor’s Note: Laliberte was GAL to the infamous Matthew Couloute in his dirty tricks with the two mothers of his two kids. Pretty much tells all.